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Pre-Trial Release and Bond for Brunswick DUI Arrests 

A bond allows a person accused of a DUI to be released from jail pending their court date. Anyone charged with a DUI will appear before a magistrate. If said Magistrate decides that the accused does not pose an immediate threat to the community, and is unlikely to be a flight risk, the individual will be temporarily released with the expectation that they will appear in court at the appointed time.

Another possibility is that the Magistrate would require some assurance, in the form of money or property, that the person will return to court.

If you find yourself facing charges, an experienced local DUI attorney can help explain pre-trial release and bond for Brunswick DUI arrests, as well as represent you in court as you fight the charges levied against you.

Amount Determined

The amount of a pre-trial release and bond for Brunswick DUI arrests is determined based first and foremost on the existing criminal record of the accused. If they have been convicted of significant offenses in the past, then the bond, if any is granted, will likely be significantly higher.

The amount of the bond is also going to be based on the seriousness of the charge at hand. It can also be based on the financial resources of the accused. If a person is known to be fairly wealthy, that can come into play.

Ultimately, the decision is up to each individual Magistrate. They are quasi-judicial officials and have a lot of power in this regard.

Ways a Bond Can Be Posted

A person can get a Personal Recognizance (PR) bond based on who they are and the details of the case. When a PR bond is issued, the court expects that the defendant will appear at the appointed date and time without any surety.

In case of a surety, that would cost a certain amount of money, usually paid through a bondsman. Other times, typically if the Magistrate suspects that the accused is a flight risk, it is possible that the Magistrate may deny bond, for whatever reason.

Documents Received After Release From Jail

Upon receiving a pre-trial release and bond in Brunswick DUI cases, a person is going to receive a copy of the warrant which lists, among other things:

  • The charges
  • Any upcoming court dates
  • Where the municipal offices are
  • Relevant telephone numbers
  • Requirements of the bond

For instance, the charged person is going to be required to remain in the state, to not acquire any new charges, and to avoid contact with specific people involved in the case, among other conditions.

Conditions of a Pre-Trial Release

Often, when a defendant is granted pre-trial release and bond for Brunswick DUI cases, they must  adhere to certain conditions, including:

  • Maintaining good behavior
  • Passing drug tests
  • Checking in regularly with a probation officer.

The reason for checking in with the probation officer is to make sure defendants are not engaging in the same behavior for which they were first arrested.

The Probation Officer will maintain an up-to-date address where the person is living, where they are working, and sometimes perform random drug testing. All of this continues until the case actually goes to trial.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

A person can be arrested for violating the conditions of their bond. A bond can be revoked if the charged person violates the conditions of a pre-trial release and bond for brunswick DUI cases.

If, during the pre-trial relase period, an individual is charged with a new crime, fails a drug test, or attempts to disappear, the result will most likely be that the bond is revoked and the person will have to await their trial date in jail.

Importance of An Experienced Brunswick DUI Attorney

It is important to work with an experienced attorney for many different reasons. There are three attorneys in the county who regularly practice criminal defense and three prosecutors.

A local Brunswick attorney can be very helpful explaining to a person what to expect and how to properly prepare their case. These defense lawyers know the probation officers, the prosecutors, the judges, the law enforcement officers, and the Magistrates, all of which will the defendant navigate the system.

As you go through the process of pre-trial release and bond for Brunswich DUI arrests, a lawyer will be able to will explain what to expect, answer questions, and point out common pitfalls each step of the way.

In addition, such an attorney will be well equipped to know the tendencies of each judge and prosecutor, which can only strengthen the likelihood of achieving a desirable outcome.

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