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Common Drug Crimes in Chantilly

Chantilly treats drug crimes incredibly seriously, as they have the potential to severely impact an individual’s personal and professional lives, as well as the greater community they are a part of. With that said, the most common drug crimes in Chantilly involve the possession of marijuana or the distribution of various schedule one substances. If accused of these or other drug offenses, due to the potentially severe consequences that these types of charges can carry, it is pertinent that you contact an experienced Chantilly drug attorney immediately to employ effective defense strategies and assist in reducing any penalties you may be facing.

Types of Offenses

There are various types of drug crimes that occur in Chantilly. Among the most common include possession of marijuana, and possession of schedule one or two substances. This includes prescription drugs that an individual may possess without a proper prescription, as well as cocaine, heroin, and other various drugs that people may take recreationally. These crimes include both possession, distribution, or manufacturing depending on the circumstances of the case.

In Chantilly, there are a lot of drugs that are either not easily accessible, or are not able to be easily manufactured. Recently, marijuana has become an increasingly present drug crime in Chantilly. Law enforcement officers are cracking down on the possession of marijuana, but more importantly on the manufacturing and distribution of this drug. Law enforcement officers will want to determine who is providing these substance’s for other people’s use.

Classification of a Drug Crime

The drug classifications in Chantilly are going to follow the same classification that drugs follow in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Drugs are classified from schedule one to schedule six depending on the specifics of the case and the type of drug involved. Factors that will come into play include whether or not the drug was simply possessed by an individual, or if there was an intent to distribute as well.

For reference, schedule one or two substances are among the most serious, and carry penalties of between five and 40 years in prison, and a fine of up to $500,000 in felony cases.

Enforcement of Drug Possession Laws

Chantilly officers typically enforce drug possession laws by staging arrests. A law enforcement officer will set up a fake “buy” in which they lure the individual intending to buy drugs to a specific location, where they will then proceed to arrest the individual. Further, officers enforce drug possession laws by finding drugs on people while they are engaged in other criminal activities.

Traffic stops sometimes produce an individual’s possession charge because officers will find illegal substances on that individual during a routine stop. An individual will be searched and subsequently charged with these offenses during the course of that stop.

Another way that law enforcement has been cracking down on common Chantilly drug crimes are through sting operations and informants. With a lot of the bigger drug operations, lower-level individuals who are caught, in order to make a better deal for themselves, will tell the police officers the times and locations of drug deals, who the players are, and police will then perform a lengthy surveillance of these types of situations. They will then make the arrest based on what they have observed.

Increase in Severity

When dealing with common drug crimes in Chantilly, law enforcement officers have been treating these cases more seriously. Recently, there has been a heightened awareness and sense of necessity for performing these types of arrests, and achieving these types of convictions.

In turn, police are going to be much more aware, and much more cognizant of activity that looks as though it could be related to drugs. They will be paying close attention to this, and conducting their investigations and arrests very thoroughly.

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