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Our Approach to a Chantilly Robbery Case

With robbery charges, you want somebody on your side who knows realistically what could come about based on the charge and facts of your case, and will give an idea not based on the general knowledge of the law, but on this situation and this jurisdiction. This knowledge will assist the Chantilly robbery lawyer in preparing and building you the best defense possible.

Preparing a Defense

A criminal lawyer will begin preparing a defense for robbery in Chantilly by first finding out all the facts that they possibly can about the case—for example, they will determine exactly who the witnesses are, what the victim’s statement was, whether or not there was any harm done to the person robbed, whether or not there was any video of the crime, as well if there are any other eyewitness statements that could negatively or positively affect the outcome of the case.


After the Chantilly defense lawyer finds all the reasons for the arrest, they will conduct research and collect what is called the discovery. Discovery is the evidence the prosecution has collected, as well as the statements that are going to be used against the accused in court or a witness statement, video, and other evidence of that sort.

Refuting Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

The attorney will then look at all of the collected evidence from their research and the discovery and determine the best defense strategy. This happens by determining which elements of robbery and their corresponding evidence will match up to the potential of beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

An attorney is going to look at facts, compare the evidence to what the prosecutor’s case is going to be, find where the strength and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case are, and determine best how to attack the weak parts of the case. With this information, the defense attorney can begin building a robust defense for attacking the weak parts of the case in order to get those elements knocked out and deny the prosecution proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Local Robbery Lawyer

A person should consider hiring a local criminal lawyer when charged with robbery because every jurisdiction’s courthouse is different. Although the law in Virginia remains the same throughout the state, each courthouse is going to have a different approach to how they handle cases. While a lot remains the same—what the prosecution has to prove, the way a prosecutor will approach a case or the diversionary programs and alternatives that are available to somebody with a first offense or does not want to or cannot go to trial.

Somebody who has a Chantilly robbery attorney that has been in the Chantilly courthouses, understands the judges and prosecutors styles and preferences, as well as what is probably going to happen with the jury pool in Chantilly will be an advantage for an individual charged with robbery because these cases carry such large penalties. Their

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