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Speeding tickets tend to affect you in more ways than you realize when you simply admit to the violation and pay the required fine. The fines are often quite expensive, you are likely to experience increased insurance rates, and you accumulate demerit points on your driving record, which in some cases, can result in a suspension of your license.

In situations like these, a Chantilly speeding ticket lawyer may be able to help.

While you might initially think that there is no need to seek out a lawyer, you may soon understand the many potentially negative repercussions of a speeding ticket. A seasoned traffic attorney may be able to give you legal advice about your options for handling the ticket.

Speeding Tickets and Points in Chantilly

Speeding tickets are traffic offenses that do not result in criminal charges or jail sentences. Individuals who receive speeding tickets may either admit guilt and pay the fine, or they can appear in court to contest the ticket.

The biggest drawback to simply paying the fine, however, is the demerit points that the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) assigns to driving records when drivers receive a speeding ticket.

The DMV, as in most other states, assesses demerit points to driving records for any traffic tickets or driving-related violations of the law, including speeding tickets. For instance, if drivers receive a ticket for speeding one to nine mph over the speed limit, they will receive three points on their driving records.

Speeding ten to 19 mph over the speed limit results in four demerit points. A speeding ticket for 20 or more mph over the speed limit or a reckless driving conviction based on speed results in six points on driving records.

Each calendar year, individuals with valid licenses and no violations will earn one point back, up to a maximum of five “safe driver” points. These points may offset some demerit points that individuals have accumulated.

Consequences of Points from Speeding Tickets

Generally, demerit points remain on a driving record for two years. Drivers who are over the age of 18 and accumulate 12 demerit points within 12 months or 18 demerit points within 24 months must complete a Driver Improvement Clinic approved by the DMV. Failure to complete this course within 90 days will result in a suspension of driving privileges.

Drivers who are over 18 and accrue 18 points within 12 months or 24 points within 24 months will be subject to a 90-day license suspension and required completion of a Driver Improvement Clinic. An individual facing these repercussions may want to seek the services of a speeding ticket lawyer in Chantilly.

Minors Who Receive Speeding Tickets

Drivers who are under the age of 18 and receive a speeding ticket or another traffic violation that results in the assessment of demerit points on their driving records must complete a Driver Improvement Clinic within 90 days.

Failure to attend the clinic can result in the suspension of driving privileges until they complete the clinic as required. Drivers who are 18 or 19 and receive a speeding ticket or another traffic offense also must complete a Driver Improvement Clinic.

A second speeding ticket for drivers under the age of 18 will result in a 90-day suspension of driving privileges, and a third speeding ticket will result in revocation of driving privileges for one year or until the driver turns 18, whichever is longer.

Speak with a Chantilly Speeding Ticket Attorney Today

Getting a speeding ticket can be a costly experience in a variety of ways. Getting the help needed to minimize these expenses by consulting a Chantilly speeding ticket lawyer may greatly benefit you. You also may be able to avoid some or all of the consequences of points being assessed to your driving record.

Working with an experienced lawyer may be key to resolving your speeding ticket case. Do not delay in seeking the advice that you need in this type of situation.

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