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How Does Culpeper Treat Aggravated Malicious Wounding Cases?

What a person can expect from an aggravated malicious wounding charge is that in many senses he or she is on trial for their life. While the death penalty is not available on a case like this, nevertheless in these kinds of cases the prosecutors are frequently asking for a prison term of life and if a person is found guilty, the sentence can’t be less than twenty years. And while it is possible that the Court could suspend some of that jail time, in cases like these, the sentence is almost always going to include life-altering amounts of incarceration.

This is the charge that has to be treated extremely seriously, that has to be prepared in the most careful and conscientious way. This is the sort of case where someone really and truly needs a very experienced, highly regarded, and sought after Culpeper aggravated malicious wounding lawyer who is a litigator with courtroom experience and who has tried many, many of these kinds of serious cases.

Where are Aggravated Malicious Wounding Cases Heard?

Aggravated malicious wounding cases are all tried in the Culpeper County Circuit Court. If a person is indicted directly by a grand jury, the entirety of their case was heard there, though in many cases if they are arrested on a warrant that is issued by a magistrate judge they will first have a preliminary hearing in either the General District Court in Culpeper County or if they or the victim are a juvenile, or if the victim is a family member, in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court in Culpeper County. Subsequent to that hearing, if the judge does find probable cause, then the case moves on to the Circuit Court for trial.

Common Ways Aggravated Malicious Wounding is Charged in Culpeper

Aggravated malicious wounding charges result from facts and circumstances that include some of the most violent and the worst kinds of crimes that don’t actually result in a homicide. So, cases where there has been an attempt to kill or there have been very extreme injuries that have been intentionally and maliciously inflicted on a victim which results in permanent disabilities or permanent disfigurement, but which fall short of taking the person’s life, aggravated malicious wounding is a charge among others, but it’s almost always seen in those circumstances.

Serious cases involving shootings, involving stabbings, involving any scenario where the victim has a lengthy hospital stay and has very serious permanent injury. These are the kinds of cases that will draw an aggravated malicious wounding charge.


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