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Assault on an officer charges are often prosecuted very vigorously by the Commonwealth. Confrontations with officers, particularly during an arrest, can be very tense and confusing incidents. If you have been arrested and charged with an assault on an officer, it is important for you to learn more about your options by speaking to a Culpeper assault on an officer lawyer. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn what a criminal defense attorney in Culpeper can do for you.

Elements of Assault on an Officer

An assault on an officer is similar to other kinds of assault in that it involves an attempt or offer with force and violence to do some bodily harm to another by means calculated to produce the end if carried into execution. The additional necessary factor in an assault on an officer case is that the person who is the victim or the alleged victim of the assault is, in fact, a law enforcement officer or correctional officer. And in fact, as a Culpeper assault on an officer lawyer can tell you, there are a number of different officers who will qualify under this category.

Assault Attorney in CulpeperThis includes anyone who’s either a full-time or a part-time employee of a police department or sheriff’s office or any other law enforcement that is a subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia such as the state police or correctional officers.

Now, one particular piece that is important here is that in order for a person to be charged with this, the person must know or have reason to know that the individual who is the alleged victim is, in fact, a law enforcement officer. This would include someone who identifies himself or herself as an officer and/or displays the badge of authority or who is in a marked police cruiser. But it would not include someone who simply claims to be a law enforcement officer, but does not offer proof of that where the accused has no other reason to know or believe that that person is, in fact, a law enforcement officer.

How a Culpeper Assault On An Officer Lawyer Can Help

A Culpeper assault on an officer lawyer can help by bringing their wealth of experience to the table. This will allow them to craft an individual defense that is going to take advantage of the strengths of the case which is going to involve bringing to bear and gathering all of the important evidence in the case to show the full circumstances, the full truth of what occurred, including statements by the victim, statements in many cases by the accused, and video or audio surveillance and other forensic evidence.

They will know how to utilize the evidence to maximum effect, they will also be intimately familiar with the tactics of local prosecutors and which defense tactics are most effective as well as the personality and disposition of the judge who has an important role to play in the case. There simply is no substitute for local knowledge and local experience in a case like this, which in many cases will need to be tried. An experienced assault on an officer lawyerCulpeperpepr County is imperative for this type of case.

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