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If you are charged with assault and battery in Culpeper, Virginia, you may be wondering what you can do to protect your freedom and reputation. A Culpeper assault lawyer understands the law involving these cases, and how the facts and circumstances of an incident may play out in plea negotiation and court. Contact an assault attorney today to discuss the way the law may apply to your fact-specific case, your options, and the best way to begin building a defense.

Elements of Assault and Battery

Assault and battery are two words that are frequently used interchangeably in many people’s minds when they’re thinking about some kind of violent act, but they actually have distinct meanings:

  • An assault is an attempt or offer with force or violence to do some bodily harm to another by means calculated to produce the end if carried into execution.
  • A battery is when the injury is actually inflicted.

Assault and Battery Attorney in Culpeper VirginiaSo for example, if someone were to take a swing at someone else and miss, that would be an offer or attempt in this case with force or violence to do a bodily hurt and not just to do it, but to do it by way that’s calculated to hurt someone else. Were they to do all of that and connect with a punch, then that would be a battery.

Frequently a Culpeper assault lawyer will see these two things charged together because it is difficult to commit a battery without committing an assault. In other words, the person who is the victim is going to see the punch coming. However, you can have just a battery in some cases if there is some sort of attack and the victim did not appreciate that it is occurring until it is already over.

Common Ways Assault and Battery is Charged

There are a variety of circumstances that assault and battery lawyers in Culpeper see where assault and battery is charged. One of the most common kinds of assault and battery that we have seen over the years is domestic assault and battery. This is where an assault or a battery or both has been committed where the victim is a spouse, or is a parent in common of a child of the accused, or is a brother or sister or parent or even grandparent.

We see everything from bar fights to altercations on the street to really any set of circumstances where emotions run high, someone loses control and there ends up being physical violence of some kind. An assault and battery lawyer in Culpeper can also prepare you for court proceedings and let you know what to expect in an assault and battery case.

Contacting A Culpeper Assault and Battery Lawyer

Given the seriousness of the charge and given the significant penalties that are potentially available, an experienced assault and battery lawyer who has been practicing in Culpeper County for many years has a lot to offer.

They are someone who is experienced at trial, who knows the officers, the prosecutors, and the judges. They know what sorts of defenses work best, what sort of tactics work best, and they know very well how to bring out all of the facts to put the events in context and to bring out all of the facts that are favorable to the accused, whether this is through cross-examination of the alleged victim, testimony of witnesses, physical evidence, or even in some cases the testimony of the accused themselves. A Culpeper assault lawyer can also give invaluable advice early in the process about what to do and what not to do in advance of the trial date.

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