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Assault Arrests in Culpeper

Assault or other related charges are typically charged when police are called to respond to some kind of altercation. These types of altercations can take place anywhere from within a home to outside of a bar, or at a sporting event. Virtually any circumstance where emotions can run high and someone loses their cool can result in assault charges, even if no actual physical contact took place.

If you have been accused of assault it is important to take these charges seriously and consult with a Culpeper assault lawyer as soon as possible. Below is more information on assault charges and arrests in Culpeper, Virginia.

Common Places Where Assault Charges Occur in Culpeper

The two most common places where assault charges arise in Culpeper County are in people’s homes and at or near bars. The reasons being that these are places frequently where alcohol is present, which can often be a factor in whether people make good decisions or bad ones.

However, beyond alcohol, these are places where people tend to be in close contact with each other, such as where arguments between spouses and significant others and, in many cases, children take place. For this reason, it’s not unusual to have the police be called to these locations when there’s some kind of altercation going on and often that will result in someone being arrested and charged with some type of assault charge.

What Happens After an Assault Arrest

If a person is arrested for assault in Culpeper County, they are going to be taken into custody, typically placed in a police vehicle and then transported to the Culpeper County Jail for processing. They will go before a magistrate located at the jail either in person or by video conference.

At that time the magistrate will make a determination as to whether any warrants are going to be issued against the accused. If warrants are issued, they are immediately served on that individual. And then at that time based on what the charges are, the magistrate judge will make a determination as to whether the person is to be admitted to bail. If they are to be admitted to bail, then an initial bond amount is set.

However, in more serious kinds of assault cases such as a malicious wounding, for example, it is not unusual for a magistrate judge to hold the person without bail, such that the person will need to petition the General District Court judge or ultimately the Circuit Court judge if they are to be admitted to bail.

When to Contact An Attorney

Often it is difficult for an individual to contact an attorney during the process of an arrest and processing if the opportunity does not present itself. However, as soon as they are released or have an opportunity to call from jail, the first or among the first phone calls that they should make should be to an attorney. A scenario that frequently comes up is that a person will be incarcerated and does not have the ability to communicate immediately with anyone apart from their family, but they will ask their family to reach out to an attorney immediately so that they can go and visit that person in jail and begin taking steps to assist them.

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