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Gun charges are treated seriously because the potential misuse of guns is very dangerous, especially in rural communities like Culpeper where almost everybody owns a gun and residents and visitors commonly hunt nearby. The misuse of these guns or the use of these guns to commit violent offenses is something the police are extremely concerned about because it threatens the community.

Prosecutors treat gun offenses seriously in Culpeper especially when it involves community protection situations. They will not drop these cases so it is vital to prepare a good defense with a Culpeper gun lawyer on your side.

Common Gun & Firearm Offenses

Some of the most common gun or firearm offenses that warrant the attention of a Culpeper gun attorney include transporting guns, not storing the guns properly, violating protective orders, not registering the gun, and shooting the gun in places that are prohibited such as school areas or zones that are otherwise designated as gun-free zones. Misuse of a firearm is probably the most common offense that occurs in Culpepper.

To transport firearms legally in Culpeper, people are subject to Culpeper rules and regulations. People who are transporting firearms illegally can be charged in Culpeper.

Potential Penalties

With a gun offense in Culpeper, the potential penalties depend on the charge. If a person is charged with a misdemeanor offense, they can face up to 12 months in jail and a fine of up to $2,500. If an individual is charged with a felony offense, they can face years in prison and the penalties are significantly more severe making it extremely important that a gun lawyer in Culpeper is contacted to advocate on behalf of those accused.

Long-Term Repercussions

If a person is convicted of a gun offense in Culpeper, there could be long-term repercussions depending on the charge. If a person is charged with a felony, they have the long-term consequences of a felony conviction which can include the loss of the ability to have insurance, carry a gun, and the destruction of their gun depending on the charge they are convicted of. There are some jobs that an individual will not be able to hold, especially if they violate a protective order and are convicted of that type of offense.

Aggravating Penalties

Anytime a firearm is used during the course of a felony, whether it is fired, brandished, or used in any way, that is going to enhance the penalty for that crime and it is going to make it a more serious crime. So, a robbery, which is accomplished with a firearm for example, is going to be more serious than a robbery that is not. Almost any crime one could imagine is made dramatically more serious by simply having a firearm present. If that firearm is used in part to accomplish the crime, it is more significant still.

There are some crimes for which there is a mandatory minimum sentence, if a firearm is used. Certainly in every case under the Virginia Sentencing Guidelines, having a firearm in possession or used during the crime is going to enhance the penalty.

Advantages of an Attorney

The benefits of having an aggressive Culpepper gun lawyer when you are facing charges in Culpepper include the ability to have your attorney mount a thorough and robust defense on your behalf. The lawyer can help prevent you from making any statements or admission of these charges to law enforcement officials.

You want to be able to fight your charges in the best possible way and continue to own and carry your firearm. An attorney will help you do that. They will help find the right reasons for you to continue to own and use your gun within the bounds of the law. Even if you made a mistake and were unable to follow the first time, they will attempt to help mitigate the charges, depending on the facts of the case.

Working with a private law firm when facing gun charges offers many more resources than a court appointed attorney can provide for building the defense. These resources can include private investigators to find witnesses and evidence and more time to spend on the defendant’s case. This is especially important with a gun charge because there could be things like DNA, ballistics, or some kind of gun powder residue that needs to be analyzed. Court appointed attorneys just do not have the funds or the time to conduct the necessary research.

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