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Reckless Driving Penalties in Culpeper, Virginia

Upon conviction of reckless driving charge in Culpeper County a person can receive suspended jail time and in some cases an active jail sentence. They can receive a fine and can receive a suspension of their driver’s license.

The long-term implications of a reckless driving conviction include a significant number of points that will go on a person’s DMV record which can trigger additional administrative penalties or suspension from the DMV. An additional consequence of reckless driving is what it can do to a person’s insurance rates. Often when insurance carriers have learned of a reckless conviction they will either cancel a policy or they will raise the rates significantly. In addition, it is a criminal conviction which will remain on a person’s permanent record.

Driver’s License Penalties

An individual’s driver’s license can be suspended by the court on conviction of reckless driving meaning that the person is not free to drive unless they get a restricted driver’s license. In addition, a conviction for a reckless driving offense will add six points to a person’s DMV record. Depending on what the person’s driving record was previous to the conviction, the addition of points may trigger an additional and independent suspension of the driver’s license by the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Even for persons who are not licensed in Virginia, your privilege to drive in Virginia can be suspended in addition to any action your home state DMV may take when the offense is reported back to it.

Reckless Driving Arrests

Not typically, unless an individual is charged with some other more serious offense and at the same time they are charged with reckless driving as an additional count which causes them to be arrested. A person is usually released on a summons in reckless driving cases.

A summons is simply the piece of paper that the police officer will fill out and have the defendant sign agreeing that they will appear at the next court date. That document serves as the notice to them of that next court date which they are required to appear at, or have an attorney appear for them.

Importance of Hiring Legal Representation

The benefit of hiring an experienced reckless driving lawyer is that he or she will have knowledge of local law enforcement, local prosecutors, and local judges. There simply is no substitute for experience. An experienced lawyer will learn things about the personalities which participate in the process which can be used, and frequently are used, to assist an individual in obtaining the most favorable legal outcome possible.

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