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Dale City Drug DUI Cases

DUI drug charges are very common in Dale City. It is also fairly easy to get a conviction for a DUI drug case. For instance, if a Dale City police officer pulls you over for questionable driving behavior or spots any presence of drugs in your vehicle, there may be a very strong case against you to be charged with a DUI.

As such, the first step in the Dale City drug DUI case process is to immediately contact an experienced attorney who can offer legal advice and help mitigate any potential charges.

Drug vs. Alcohol DUIs

Alcohol DUIs are much more common than drug-related DUIs particularly because alcohol is usually easier to detect than other drugs, and there is more room for error on the cop’s behalf when attempting to make an arrest.

Regardless if the individual is using drugs or alcohol while driving, the most critical characteristics an officer will be looking for when pulling someone over, is the person’s driving behavior, motor skills, and any actions or words that may raise suspicion of the individual.

Proving a Drug DUI Case

A person may be charged with driving under the influence of drugs if they are found to have any drugs in their system, or if their driving behavior is indicative of them under the influence and they are not in control of their physical and mental capacity.

In order to convict a person for a drug DUI within the Commonwealth of Virginia, the individual must be found under the influence of drugs, while simultaneously operating his or her vehicle impaired.

Common Defense Strategies

Depending on the specifics of the case, ordinarily, it is common for the defense to claim that the officer was detaining the individual at the arrest for probable cause or reasonable suspicion, when in fact, there was none.

Additionally, because field sobriety tests are not standardized for drug offenses, there is no real scientific evidence that supports the impairment of the individual related to drugs. This is another supporting factor that can help build a strong case for the defendant.

Another common defense is challenging how the blood was drawn from the individual, and how this was conducted. The qualifications of the medical professional, the training and expertise, the chain of custody, the machine itself, whichever machine that the urine or the blood was tested in, are all ways to dispute an error that may have occurred in a drug DUI case process in Dale City

Although these are some of the more common defense strategies, each case is different, which is why it is important to hire a lawyer who has years of experience dealing with drug DUI cases, and who can utilize the best methods in defending that person’s case.

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