Fairfax Third DUI Lawyer

In Virginia, a third DUI charge is a gravely serious offense – a class 6 felony, to be exact. The state treats third-time DUI offenses harshly, with extended jail time and lengthy license suspensions. Your third DUI offense could cost you your job, money, and ultimately, your freedom.

Taking on the court system alone is not ideal, which is why you should employ a highly skilled Fairfax third DUI lawyer who can handle your case with excellent attention to detail and care.

What Can You Expect from a Third DUI Charge in Virginia

Much like a second DUI charge, the length of time between DUI charges is an indicator of the penalties the defendant could face. If the first and second DUI charges were within five years, the state of Virginia will attempt to impose the strictest possible consequences. For offenders with previous charges between five and 10 years, the penalties will not be as harsh, but still considerable.

Penalties for a Third DUI Charge

When charged with a third DUI in Virginia, defendants are usually denied bail while waiting for a trial. If previous DUI offenses occurred within five years, a minimum six month jail sentence will be handed down. For convictions when the first and second DUI offenses occurred within 10 years, a minimum 90 day jail sentence will be instituted. Keep in mind – these penalties are only the minimum. Each third DUI offense could lead to incarceration of one to five years. Along with long periods of jail time, the third DUI offender must pay a minimum fine of $1,000.

Your goal is to reduce the penalty and stay as far as possible from the maximum  sentence. In some cases a Fairfax third DUI attorney may be able to get the charges dismissed. The harshness of these penalties is the primary reason for employing a trained Fairfax third DUI lawyer who can work to preserve your future.

Third DUI License Restrictions

Why is it important to talk to a seasoned DUI Lawyer?  For starters, after a third DUI conviction, licenses are indefinitely suspended.  You will also be required to turn over your current vehicle permanently. After three years, you are able to petition for a restricted license.

If granted, an ignition interlock device must be installed in your vehicle. To start the car, you will be required to blow into the device so it can scan your blood alcohol level. While driving the vehicle, you will be required to continue passing the BAC test every five to 20 minutes, or else the car will go into emergency mode, requiring you to pull over and turn the ignition off.

Should You Hire a Fairfax Third DUI Lawyer

It is unlikely that you can mount a firm defense against your third DUI charge without the assistance of an experienced Fairfax third DUI lawyer.  Successfully navigating the Virginia court system is made easier with the help of a trusted DUI Lawyer. Don’t assume a conviction is inevitable.  Get the assurance of a caring, experienced Fairfax third DUI lawyer on your side. Contact our firm today to schedule a consultation.