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Fairfax DUI Courts

For many people facing DUI charges, this is their first experience with the criminal justice system. The criminal justice system can be confusing, especially for individuals that have never been through it before. Understanding how Fairfax DUI courts work is an important part of facing DUI charges and navigating the related judicial process.

If you have been charged with driving under the influence, a capable DUI lawyer can help you understand more about your rights throughout the judicial process.

Following an Arrest

If an individual is arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, they should expect their court appearance to take place shortly thereafter. During their first court appearance, a defendant will learn about their bail options, and when their next court appearance is. This part of the process can be extremely intimidating. This is why it is generally helpful to have a defense lawyer present when dealing with Fairfax DUI courts.

The judge also is likely to inquire about retaining legal counsel to assist individuals with DUI charges. This part of the process can be extremely intimidating and very confusing, especially for those who have no prior experience with the criminal justice system. This is why it is often helpful to have a DUI lawyer present when dealing with Fairfax courts.

General District Court

Due to the fact that most DUI charges are misdemeanors, they will take place in the Fairfax County General District Court. Before a hearing, prosecutors and DUI lawyers will meet. During this meeting, a DUI lawyer will discuss the key pieces of evidence in a case and see if the prosecutors are willing to offer alternative sentencing options. If prosecutors offer a plea deal, and a defendant and their lawyer decide to take it; they would not have to go to trial.

If prosecutors offer a plea deal, and a defendant and their lawyer decide to take it, the case would not proceed to trial. Defendants must be in total agreement with a plea agreement in order to take it. It is not up to the lawyers to make this decision.

What Happens if a Plea Is Not Offered?

If a plea bargain is not offered, or if it is offered, but the defense team declines to accept, all parties will go on trial. If an individual would like to gain a deeper understanding of the Fairfax DUI Courts system, a lawyer could help them.

The Role of Circuit Court

If an individual is convicted during a DUI trial in Fairfax General District Court, they can file an appeal with a Fairfax County Circuit Court. While appeals are common in criminal cases on television or in the news, they are less common when it comes to misdemeanor convictions at a lower court.

Depending on the circumstances of an individuals case, and a potential conviction at a lower court, an individual can work with an experienced DUI lawyer to determine whether an appeal is the right step for them to take after a conviction.

Effective Legal Advocacy Dealing with DUI Courts in Fairfax

The criminal justice system is not easy to navigate, and it can be incredibly overwhelming. Knowing that you do not have to face DUI charges alone can make the process more approachable. As with most criminal charges, the sooner you secure effective legal assistance the sooner an experienced criminal defense attorney can start working with you on your case.

An experienced Fairfax DUI lawyer knows that there is no single approach to defending against DUI charges that will work for everyone. That is why it is important to take a thorough approach to explore your options when creating a defense. If you have question or concerns about Fairfax DUI courts or the related judicial process, contact our firm to learn more about how our dedicated Fairfax DUI lawyer can work with you to explore your options.

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