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Dumfries DUI Enforcement

DUIs are a significant area of focus for law enforcement officers because they are a common offense which often results in significant loss of property, injury, and sometimes death. DUIs are prevalent in Dumfries, and, therefore, police are concerned about Dumfries DUI enforcement.

Although Virginia law is the same throughout the state, law enforcement practices do vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Dumfries is certainly no different, and this can include everything from where DUI checkpoints are set up to the types of field sobriety tests which are typically administered.

Prosecutors and judges in Dumfries also handle DUI cases seriously but differ from other Virginia jurisdictions, which is why it is so important to contact a Dumfries DUI attorney who is familiar with the laws of the area and the court system. There are a number of things that an attorney will want to know about and will want to use for their client’s benefit when challenging and fighting these charges in the Dumfries area.

Elements of a DUI

Driving under the influence consists of two things.

The first thing is that the person is operating the motor vehicle. Operating is different than driving; it’s not necessarily that the person was driving down the road and even had their car in gear. Operating in Virginia consists of merely being in the vehicle and having the vehicle running or even just having the keys in the ignition.

The second is that it has to be proven by the government that a person is under the influence of either, drugs, alcohol, or a combination of drugs and alcohol, to such an extent that it has impaired their ability to safely operate the motor vehicle.


The most common way for a person to get charged is to blow a 0.08 BAC or greater. That is not, however, the only way to be charged. If a person is under the influence of drugs or if they exhibit behavior which demonstrates that they are in an unsafe condition to drive the vehicle, regardless of what alcohol content, they may still be charged with DUI due to the seriousness of DUI enforcement in Dumfries.


DUI laws are heavily enforced in Dumfries since it is one of the more common charges, unfortunately, that is blocked in this area and one of the more common offenses that is committed in this area. Law enforcement officers are always on the lookout for drivers under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, and they put significant resources into Dumfries DUI enforcement.

Therefore, DUI checkpoints are common in Dumfries. A DUI checkpoint is typically going to be set up in an area where an individual is going to be stopped either at random or along with every other vehicle that goes through a certain area. They will be challenged for their driver’s license and if the police detect any evidence in DUI, then they may be investigating and ultimately charge the person with a DUI.

There are a number of major roads in the Dumfries area that may have checkpoints on them. One of the areas that police sometimes like to use are the exit ramps coming off of I-95. They typically choose these spots for Dumfries DUI enforcement because there is really no opportunity for a person to turn around or to even see the checkpoint prior to driving into it.

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