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Potentially a life changing charge, robbery in Dumfries can carry significant, burdening penalties. Jail time, hefty fines, and a tattered reputation are just a few of the negative impacts that such a charge can have on the life of an individual. That is why if you are facing a robbery charge, it is key that you hire an experienced Dumfries robbery lawyer to help lead you through the best possible defense for your case, and aid in lessening any potential consequences. Call today to discuss the first steps you should take to mitigate damage and how an experienced defense attorney can assist you.

Robbery in Dumfries

Robbery is the taking of anything of value away from another person either by using force, threat, or intimidation. Robbery is a felony charge, and the potential consequence upon conviction is up to a life sentence. If convicted, Virginia sentencing guidelines will be reviewed, and in many cases a person does not receive most of their punishment. Nevertheless, punishments for this kind of crime are almost invariably measured in years rather than months. A Dumfries robbery attorney can help relieve some of the harsher penalties associated with this kind of charge.

Common Types of Evidence

The primary kind of evidence in robbery cases involve witness testimony, as well as any surveillance which may be available. Most cases are proved by the testimony of a victim, bystanders, or other people with knowledge of the situation. Knowing what everyone is going to say and whether there are any ways to attack their credibility, along with any objective evidence, like a video or forensic, is important in preparing a case of this kind.

Building a Defense

A criminal lawyer will begin preparing a defense for robbery in Dumfries by interviewing their client to find out all of the relevant facts known to the defendant. Next, the attorney will investigate all of the evidence in possession of the government, as well as in the possession of third parties, including both helpful and hurtful evidence. The attorney will then formulate the best legal tactics based on the facts of the case to make sure that constitutional rights have not been violated. A Dumfries robbery lawyer will also make sure that holes cannot be poked in the government’s case without the defendant being able to take advantage of those things.

Benefits of a Local Attorney

Robbery is something that is treated seriously everywhere. There are particular approaches used in Dumfries as well as Prince William County, and there are particular personalities within the prosecutor’s office as well as among the judges. All can have a very significant impact on how a case is prepared, how a case is tried, and what the outcome of the case might be. That is why it is particularly important to hire a local attorney, so he or she can guide the accused individual using prior experience and direction that has worked well in the past.

Therefore, when choosing a Dumfries robbery lawyer, someone should look for an individual who has significant experience with this particular charge. Conviction of robbery can carry up to a life sentence upon conviction. For this reason, a person who is charged requires an experienced lawyer to give them the best shot at beating the charge or having it reduced.

Experience is a crucial quality to look for in an attorney because a robbery charge has very particular types of evidence that are used to prove it. There are very particular tactics that are employed by the prosecutor, and there are very specific ways of defending against theses tactics. To give a person the best chance to prevail at trial or to have their charge reduced, the attorney must be familiar in this area. The only way to gain that familiarity is through significant experience.

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