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Shoplifting, embezzlement, and a variety of other charges are all considered types of theft. If you find yourself in the midst of a criminal investigation, hiring a Dumfries theft lawyer should be your top priority. Whether it is to have charges dismissed, jail sentences reduced, or to provide a sound defense, a Dumfries theft attorney should always be the first step you take when learning of your charge. Theft can carry a serious sentence in Virginia, and it is important to know your rights and be able to protect yourself to the fullest extent.

Charge Details

Theft is taking property with the intent to permanently deprive another person of something that does not belong to the person taking it. Theft can be charged for anything that has a value of over $1. The theft charge will be determined a misdemeanor or felony by the item or items’ value. In Virginia, stolen property with a value under $200 is considered a misdemeanor, whereas if the property’s value is $200 or more, the charge is considered a felony.

There are a number of different kinds of theft. This includes everything from regular larceny to shoplifting, embezzlement, and a variety of other charges. A Dumfries theft lawyer can assist in helping these charges see minimum prosecution.

Benefit of an Attorney

Theft is a very serious charge: whether it be a misdemeanor shoplifting charge or a felony larceny. The reason for this is that all theft is considered to be crimes of moral turpitude. Crimes of moral turpitude carry a stigma that calls into question a person’s trustworthiness.

Even if it is not the kind of theft charge which might bring a significant sentence such as imprisonment or fines, every kind of theft charge can have serious consequences such as a person’s current employment, or their ability to get employment in the future.

Initial Consultation

An individual inquiring about a Dumfries theft lawyer to discuss their charges can expect to be questioned about the specifics of the charges and any details they are aware of. These questions will go over the specific charge they are charged with, the facts and circumstances surrounding how the charges were made, and how the individual came in contact with law enforcement.
Also, one should be prepared to discuss any criminal record they might have, any defenses they might be aware of, and any evidence or witnesses which could be brought to bear on their behalf.

Theft Lawyers in Dumfries

Our firm has a number of very experienced theft lawyers. Theft in all of its forms, particularly shoplifting, is a common charge in Dumfries and Prince William County. In fact, it is one of the most common cases we handle and we have learned the best defense strategies for it. Theft is treated more seriously in that jurisdiction than in many others, and there is a particular way to approach it there. These are things that we have significant experience with from often dealing with the police and the prosecutors. If you are looking for experienced and local attorneys, contact us today.

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