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Dumfries Theft Defense Strategies

Cases of theft in Dumfries can sometimes carry severe consequences, including jail time. No matter if it is a misdemeanor or felony, it is extremely important to be completely informed of all possible defense tactics and strategies that can be used against the prosecution for a theft charge.

With this is mind, hiring a Dumfries theft lawyer should always be your first step if you find yourself burdened with any sort of theft charge. You can be sure that your best interests will always be in mind, and an experienced attorney can help to repair any social or economic injustices that may  have occurred.

Defense Strategies

There are a number of defense strategies that are employed in a Dumfries theft case. The first is to determine whether the government has sufficient evidence to prove each of the elements of the offense. This includes everything from being able to identify the defendant as the perpetrator, to establishing the value of the goods that are alleged to have been taken. In addition, lawyers are always mindful of situations where individuals’ rights have been violated, such as when they have been unlawfully searched or arrested without probable cause.

The initial steps when preparing a defense include:

  • Interviewing the client
  • Reading any police reports that are available
  • Interviewing any witnesses
  • Viewing any surveillance video

In order for an individual to be charged with theft, the prosecutor must prove that that person took the goods, or concealed them, with the intent to take them permanently and deprive the true owner of them. These initial defense strategies can prove vital when executed correctly, as an experienced attorney can help ensure.


In the case of theft charges, experts play a crucial role and can benefit the case in a variety of ways. Perhaps the most common way that an expert is employed is in determining the value of the property alleged to have been taken. There is often controversy on this issue, because the case centers around the value of the items allegedly taken.  Experts can then establish that the amount alleged by the government is incorrect. This particular theft defense strategy is essential in discounting the prosecution’s case in Dumfries.

Role of a Lawyer

The criminal defense attorney’s role in dealing with a person charged with theft has several facets. The first will be as an investigator. The attorney’s job is to find out the collection of evidence the government has, and will bring to bear at trial. The next role is that of the litigator, or the individual who sorts out the best tactics to use. The litigator determines the best offenses to bring to bear, including the positive evidence on the defendant’s side that help to give them the best result in their trial and their plea forms. Finally, the lawyer’s role is also that of a counselor. They take on the job of walking the accused through every step of the process, and helping them make important decisions that can possibly benefit their case.

Someone charged with theft should contact a criminal lawyer as soon as they have been released from custody, or as soon as they have received the summons. There are proactive steps that the attorney can take in preparing the defense, which are more effective the sooner they are begun. In addition, there are ways that defendants can hurt themselves in their cases, which they frequently do not anticipate. The counsel of the good lawyer will assist them in avoiding these traps and pitfalls early on.

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