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Defending a Dumfries Shoplifting Charge

There are a variety of factors that come into play when handling a shoplifting charge. Although it may seem fairly straightforward, both the police and prosecutors have unique tactics that prove difficult for the average person to follow and defend against. Defending a Dumfries shoplifting charge requires the skill and attention of an experienced Dumfries shoplifting attorney. If you have found yourself charged with shoplifting, it is incredibly important to contact an attorney to help ensure the best course of action is taken, with the circumstances of your particular case in mind.

Uniqueness of a Shoplifting Charge

What is particular to shoplifting is the setting that it occurs in, which is a merchant or retail setting of some kind. In these settings, there is frequently surveillance of some kind. In most cases, there are also loss prevention officers working on behalf of the store.

These two types of evidence are unique to this kind of a charge, and knowing how to use them to the client’s benefit is extremely important in defending a shoplifting case.

Steps to Building a Defense

The first step that a lawyer will take in preparing a shoplifting defense is to interview the client. An experienced lawyer will want to find out all of the factual information that the client is aware of, which allows so that both the client and defense are on the same page in terms of the case information.

In addition, the lawyer will begin making copies of everything in the court file, determining what evidence is available, and starting the process of discovery. The process of discovery includes reaching out to most of the government, and to storing some cases to discover what evidence they may have.

Benefits of an Attorney

A person should contact an attorney either as soon as they become aware that they will need to defend a Dumfries shoplifting charge, or are at the point that they have been charged with shoplifting. There are steps that an attorney can take to help a person win their case, which includes maneuvering any pitfalls or problems that may be damaging to the client later on.

A lawyer can help ease any anxiety and concern that a person has as they go through this difficult process. They will be able to help provide the individual with information at every step and guide them through the procedural process.

In addition, having an attorney is going to help expose the holes in the government’s case. They will be able to more easily detect whether there was a violation of constitutional rights, which could prove beneficial in a particular case. The right attorney will help to choose the best tactics to either beat the charge or get the best deal that is available under the circumstances of the case.

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