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Misconceptions in Fairfax Drug Cases

One of the biggest mistakes someone can make while facing a drug charge in Fairfax, Virginia is assume that the charge isn’t serious. Virginia law enforcement officials take drug offenses very seriously and can be more strict than other neighboring jurisdictions.

For example, although marijuana is slowly being legalized in areas like Maryland and Washington, DC, it is still very much illegal in VA. If someone is found in possession of marijuana while in Fairfax, they could fave some damaging consequences. For more information, contact a Fairfax drug lawyer to schedule a consultation.

Being Found With Only Small Amount of Drugs in Fairfax

One common misconception is that anyone found with even a little bit of drugs in their possession will automatically go to prison. It’s possible that this assumption is a result of people watching TV or just getting the wrong information from talking to other people. Typically, for simple possession cases, even schedule I or II drugs, there is very little to no prison or jail time associated with them.

Speaking with a drug lawyer in Fairfax will be a valuable asset in determining what aspects of drug cases are myths and what aspects are truths. A Fairfax drug lawyer will be able to provide insight into how certain circumstances might affect how a case is prosecuted and penalized.

Asking If Someone Is a Police Officer

Another misconception is that asking someone if they are a cop means the police officer must reveal himself or herself to you. For example, someone is purchasing drugs from an individual they believe to be a police officer, and asks the individual, “Are you a police officer?”

If the individual is indeed a police officer, her or she must then admit they are to you. This is simply not true. Even if it is an undercover Fairfax police officer, he or she has no legal obligation to say that they are in fact law enforcement officers when asked.

Why It Is Important to Hire a Fairfax Drug Attorney

It is important to understand how the local agencies conduct their investigations. You have to know what questions to ask and the different ways that they conduct their operations. Having relationships with prosecutors and judges are helpful in predicting outcomes. Knowing what arguments are going to be persuasive is very important and you are going to get that with an attorney who has local experience.

Also, being able to properly advise a client on how to prepare to come to court, what types of things they should be doing before coming to court, and how to prepare for a trial; these are all important things you get with a local Fairfax drug lawyer that there is really no substitute for. A drug attorney who doesn’t have local experience will not understand how the Fairfax court system works. They won’t know what defenses do or do not work with the courts.

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