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License Following a Fairfax First-Offense DUI

Your license following a Fairfax first-offense DUI could be taken from you. Do not let this happen. Instead, construct a solid defense with the help of an experienced DUI attorney. An attorney could help you demonstrate to the court that what happened was a mistake, that you have taken measures to correct your behavior, and that you do not deserve the worst of consequences.

Applying for a Restricted License Following a DUI Charge in Fairfax

In most cases, someone who is convicted of a DUI in Fairfax could apply for a restricted license the same day that they are convicted. There are reasons not to apply for a restricted license the same day in specific cases, but most people apply the same day because the judge who is entering the order for a conviction has all of the information necessary for a restricted license.

There are three main things that are necessary for a restricted license application: first, the application itself specifying where the individual is asking the court to give them permission to drive; second, a copy of their driving transcript; and third, a compliance summary from the DMV. Even if they do not have their restricted license granted on the day they are convicted of the DUI, they can go to the clerk’s office in the general district court, fill out the application, and submit a motion to ask the judge for a restricted license at any time as long as they have those three items.

Returning a License Post-Acquittal

Once someone is acquitted of a DUI, they would have their license back in Fairfax. Only while they are waiting for trial would they lose their license for a period of seven days, so by the time the case comes to trial, that individual already has their license back and, by having the case dismissed, would simply forego any further license suspension.

It is possible, in that first seven days, that a license is suspended to try to challenge the administrative suspension, but because that seven-day period is so short, it is very rare because by the time the officer is able to come into court to testify, the individual would already have their license back.

Mistakes to Avoid After a First-Time DUI

One big mistake to avoid in any case is to talk too much about the case. By the time someone is facing a DUI charge, they have probably already had their full interaction with the officer, which have been recorded. The statements they have made will be considered in court along with testimony about their field sobriety tests and demeanor.

When someone is charged with a DUI in Fairfax, a big mistake they would want to avoid is driving during that seven-day period in which their license is suspended so they do not face an additional charge.

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make with first-time DUI cases is to assume there is nothing they could do for their defense. It is best to contact an experienced attorney to discuss your case.

Talk with an Attorney and Start A Defense Plan

Mistakes happen, and sometimes they are honest in nature. After being charged by the state with a first-time DUI, you need to start planning. Fighting a case or presenting your best, proactive measures first, could help you retain your future. Your license following a Fairfax first-offense DUI could be immediately damaged. Work with an attorney today.

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