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Forgery, in the context of check forgery, is when someone who is altering the signature of another person or copying the signature of another person with the intent to defraud or creating copies of that check.

Forgery is all about copying something from someone else, so that depends in terms of checks, otherwise forgery is something that someone is trying to pass off, something that they know to not be the real thing to defraud that person. If you have been charged with a forgery offense, speak to a Fairfax forgery lawyer. A capable fraud attorney could fight tirelessly in your defense.

Evidence in Forgery Cases

In a forgery case, the things that most attorneys need to prove are that it is a document or writing and it was falsely made or there are some already existing document or writing that was materially altered in some way with an intent to defraud. That kind of evidence could be instrumental to building a defense.

Examples of Forgery Charges

Forgery is anything where a person is making something that is false, it has a document or writing on a document, so if a person is changing somebody’s will for example, or making a fake will or a fake signature on a document to add to its authenticity, materially altering any document that does exist that is a legal document, or taking something away from that document to change the meaning.

Forgery in Virginia is a felony offense, Class 5 felony, so it is up to 10 years in prison, a fine of up to $2,500. It is nice to contact a Fairfax forgery lawyer as soon as possible, as soon as a person is charged, if they are facing the charges, that person needs to go ahead and give an attorney a call right away if they can prevent themselves from making any incriminating statements.

The Benefit of a Fairfax Forgery Attorney

If a person is being investigated and that person is being asked to make statements, they could end up accidentally incriminating themselves. It is pretty easy for someone to admit to something like this, not knowing that they are in trouble or not knowing that it could be charged as a felony and so a Fairfax forgery lawyer could help minimize the damage if it is something that a person has already done or potentially prevent that person from doing something moving forward. If an individual has been charged with a forgery offense, they should consult a capable attorney that could fight for them.

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