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Post-Arrest Criminal Investigations in Fairfax

When law enforcement has enough evidence to charge someone with a crime, that person will be arrested. However, that does not mean the investigation ends. Authorities will continue to search for evidence even after a person is arrested, charged, and attended their court dates. A passionate criminal defense attorney could explain the rules of post-arrest criminal investigations Fairfax, and help advocate for you in court.

How Does a Person Know if They Are Being Detained or Just Questioned?

It is not always clear to someone if they are being detained or if an officer plans on detaining them shortly. One way to find out is to attempt to leave the officer’s presence and see what their reaction is. Sometimes officers will clearly announce or explain that they are placing someone under investigative detention, but they are not required to communicate this, or to be honest with people. Generally speaking, if an officer’s vehicle has flashing lights on, then the person is being detained. Police officers also usually do not give orders to someone if that person has not been detained.

Continuing to an Investigation After an Arrest

Many criminal investigations in Fairfax will continue on after an arrest. It can come in the form of a continued presence on the arrest scene, or from further examination of the property seized during the arrest, such as substances, electronics, or weapons. Based on what is uncovered, authorities may expand their search to include other places believed to be in connection with the alleged crime.

Because police can continue an investigation after someone is arrested, an arrestee should not assume the worst is already over. Additional charges can be brought in the future (as well as additional defendants and prosecution witnesses), and they can even be arrested again after an initial release.

How a Lawyer Can Assist After an Arrest

A lawyer could assist an arrestee in a number of ways, including advising them about how they should further communicate with the police, arranging a convenient time and place for a person to surrender to an arrest, and challenging the validity of an arrest in court after gathering evidence from the prosecution about what transpired. Another related service includes forcing police to return seized property from an arrest that is not related to an ongoing criminal investigation.

When Might an Investigation Continue Even During a Trial?

Local criminal investigations will continue post-arrest if evidence continues to be uncovered. It does not matter if an accused person is already proceeding through court dates or on the eve of trial. The only time investigations will not continue is if it would clearly be outside the legal statute of limitations in which the person could have been charged for additional crimes.

Mistakes to Avoid When Facing Criminal Charges

When facing charges in Fairfax, the biggest mistakes to avoid are: assuming the case is not serious enough to warrant getting a lawyer; relying on assurances given by any police officers about what will happen in the case; and waiting until the last minute to contact lawyers about potential representation.

People can avoid making these mistakes by consulting with a local criminal defense attorney soon after being charged. The attorney could provide a summary understanding of what the case involves and what the defendant should do to prepare for court.

Learn About Post-Arrest Criminal Investigations in Fairfax

There is much that can still happen after someone is arrested for a crime. The authorities could discover even more evidence that implicates someone, so it is vital that they call a lawyer immediately to ensure that the investigation is complying with the law.

To learn more about post-arrest criminal investigations in Fairfax, get in touch with a legal professional to discuss your specific situation.

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