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Steps to Take In a Fairfax Reckless Driving Case

It can be difficult knowing what to do after a reckless driving charge.  Therefore, it is prudent to contact an experienced Fairfax reckless driving attorney who is knowledgeable on local laws, the particulars of the offense, and the best methods to go about disputing it in court. Because the consequences are so far-reaching, it is always essential to hire the appropriate legal counsel. In addition to guiding you through the court process, they will be able to inform you what the potential consequences are, how it could affect you, and the appropriate next steps to take.

Initial Steps after a Fairfax Reckless Driving Charge

In the case of a general reckless driving by speed charge, one of the first things someone should do is obtain their driving transcripts, regardless of whether it is from Virginia or out-of-state. A reckless driving charge will most certainly follow an out-of-state driver; this is why it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible after receiving the charge.

It is also prudent for someone to have their speedometer calibrated. This can help determine whether the speedometer was accurate at the time of the alleged offense, or whether it was off. Even a three or four-mile discrepancy can help lower the charge from reckless driving to simple speeding, which is a traffic infraction and carries no jail time.

If the driver has committed the offense of reckless driving, it will be of great help to enroll themselves in one of the many driver improvement courses approved by the Virginia DMV. If the driver is out-of-state, it is important for them to verify with their local DMV and their reckless driving attorney which driver improvement class is best for their situation, as what is approved in Virginia might not be approved in other jurisdictions.

Depending on the severity of the charge, community service may also be a strongly-recommended step, especially if the driver is facing jail time. Therefore, they should complete as many hours as possible in order to help mitigate the potential for incarceration if the trial does result in a conviction.

The most important step any person could take when facing reckless driving charges is to provide their attorney with a detailed statement about the incident. If possible, they should also take a photograph of the roadway in which the incident occurred. This could be used by the Fairfax reckless driving defense attorney during preparation for the trial.

Importance of Having a Fairfax Reckless Driving Attorney

You want the person to be confident in what they are doing in their environment. Specifically for attorneys handling those types of cases in Fairfax, they know the procedures, they understand what particular judges find persuasive, and how they handle reckless driving trials and sentencing if that’s relevant. Also, they know how a particular prosecutor looks at and handles reckless driving cases.

So, it would be the same for engaging any type of professional such as a doctor or an accountant. You would want someone that has the experience and also appears in that jurisdiction.

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