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Building a Defense For Fairfax Sex Crimes Cases

If you have been charged with a sex crime in Virginia, it is imperative that you put forth the best defense possible in order to minimize the harm of your charges and keep these charges from impacting the rest of your life.

With this in mind, the following is information on what goes in to building a strong defense and how a Fairfax sex crimes lawyer at our firm can assist you. To begin building your defense, call and schedule a consultation today.

Common Defense Strategies in Sex Crime Cases

Building a defense starts with the defense attorney understanding who the complaining witness is and what their relationship is to the accused. From there it is important to understand the allegations that took place and investigate any motives for why these allegations may be fabricated. There could be any variety of reasons why someone would make a false report, so it is important to examine all those different reasons and really get to the root of the allegation.

There is a variety of information that may be beneficial to building a defense. One important aspect is whether the defendant knows who the complaining witnesses is and what their history is together. Additionally, it is important to understand what specific allegations are being put forth and what the defendant thinks law enforcement knows. From this point you can start an investigation and begin looking at all the evidence to put together a strong defense.

Our Approach to Sex Crimes Cases

When approaching a sex crimes case in Fairfax or elsewhere in Virginia it is important that the defendant have a certain level of confidence in their attorney and that the attorney have a high level of dedication to their case. In addition, an attorney should provide a very clear and reasonable set of expectations while also developing a concrete and logical strategy for a defense in order to minimize the harm of these very serious charges.

What Makes Us Uniquely Qualified to Handle Sex Crimes Cases?

We have attorneys with experience as a prosecutor handling sexual assault cases, so they understand how cases are built. They also understand where the weaknesses could be and so They know how to take advantage of those vulnerabilities. They have had specific training in the area of sexual assault prosecutions, evidence gathering, and have jury trial experience with these types of cases.

Benefits of Working With a Law Firm

There are a number of benefits that a law firm can provide including the amount of resources available. At our firm we have a mix of experienced attorneys across DC, Maryland, and Virginia which means there are many brains to pick and the opportunity to put our heads together to develop a good defense for clients. The attorneys at our firm assist each other with cases and help provide good ideas for defenses.

In addition, our firm has a staff of private investigators that makes it much easier to start an investigation as quickly as possible. We do not have to go through the process of getting a private investigator, retaining them, meeting with them, we have already done that and we are able to pick up the phone give a task to our investigator and get them started.

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