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Fairfax Fraternity/Sorority Life and Title IX

Fraternities and sororities have a poor reputation at colleges and universities nationwide. Members of Greek life organizations are stereotyped as being heavy drinkers who allow their inhibitions to erode in the face of social pressure.

Unfortunately, this can lead to allegations of Title IX violations that involve sexual harassment, assaults, or worse. While your membership in any Greek organization has no bearing on the investigations that can follow a Title IX violation allegation, the outcome of these investigations can jeopardize your membership in these organizations, as well as your future at the school.

Fairfax fraternity/sorority life and Title IX are often linked in alleged violations of schools’ codes of conduct. Therefore, it is vital to understand the role of Title IX in investigations and how they could affect your status as a member of these organizations. To learn more, reach out to an experienced attorney

Greek Life and Title IX

Title IX is a section of the United States Education Code that prohibits any form of sexual discrimination on school property. Any school that receives federal funding has an obligation to create policies intended to prevent this discrimination and to conduct investigations when a member of the school alleges a violation.

The most common way that these policies affect members of Greek organizations is when one student accuses another of sexual harassment, or any other form of criminal activity based on the alleged victim’s sex. This could involve something as simple as an unwanted kiss, to something as serious as rape allegations.

As mentioned above, a defendant student’s status as a member of a Greek organization has no bearing whatsoever on whether they are subject to these rules. In addition, any alleged incident that occurs in a fraternity house, sorority house, or during any Greek event falls under the jurisdiction of these codes of conduct. Therefore, fraternity or sorority life in Fairfax has little direct effect on any Title IX allegations.

Potential Consequences for Fraternity or Sorority Members Following Allegations

The consequences following a Title IX investigation for any member of the student body can be severe. Unfortunately, a defendant’s status as a member of a Greek organization may result in an investigator pushing for more serious penalties.

It is no secret that Greek organizations have a poor reputation for excessive drinking, sexual harassment, and hazing. While this reputation may be unwarranted, school administrators who conduct hearings may be eager to levy harsh penalties to further discourage this type of behavior.

A finding of guilt in a Title IX investigation could require a student to resign from a Greek organization. Further, these school investigatory boards have the authority to suspend or even expel a student. All students, especially those who are members of fraternities or sororities in Fairfax must take these allegations seriously and act quickly to protect their academic futures.

Title IX Investigations Could Create Problems for Fairfax Fraternity/Sorority Members

Every member of a student body must act in accordance with their school’s code of conduct. This includes refraining from sexual harassment or other alleged violations of Title IX. Any student accused of violating this Title is likely to face a formal investigation, where the consequences for a finding of guilt could be extremely serious.

A student’s membership in a Greek organization is not a shield to these accusations. In fact, investigators and administrators may be eager to impose harsher penalties on a defendant if they are a member of a fraternity or sorority.

This makes it all the more essential for you to defend yourself against these allegations. An attorney could help you to protect your academic future. Contact a lawyer today to discuss Title IX accusations and Greek life.


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