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Grand larceny is where someone commits a felony and the item or items that a person is alleged to have stolen are worth $200 or more. Grand larceny is a felony so a person has a felony conviction and they also have a crime of theft on their record that could cause them significant issues, so they want to make sure to talk to an experienced theft lawyer. A Fairfax grand larceny lawyer will work with their client to try lessening the charge to a misdemeanor or dismissed.

Grand Larceny vs. Larceny

If the value of the taken item is less than $200, the charge will be petty larceny. Fairfax grand larceny charges are applicable to take items that are $200. If the item taken was worth more than $50, the charge would be a felony and if the item is less than five dollars, it is a misdemeanor.

A simple purse snatching leads to a larceny charge, and if in that purse is more than five dollars, the charge becomes a felony. If there was five dollars or less in the purse, the charge is a misdemeanor. The Commonwealth has to establish the value of the item. If they are pursuing a grand larceny charge, the item must be more than $200.


Grand larceny is the felony version larceny. Basically, with larceny, petty larceny is the misdemeanor; grand larceny is the felony. Grand larceny in Fairfax carries with it – it is a felony sentence of up to 20 years. It is something that can lead to jail and active jail time, active jail sentence under the wrong set of facts.

Repeat Offenders

The more documented offenses someone has, the more likely it is that a judge is going to believe that this is who the person is. With larceny charges, there is no mandatory minimums that come with subsequent offenses. However, it can enhance the penalties significantly. Where a judge might think after one offense it was just a mistake if the individual has a number of larceny charges on his or her record, it’s harder to believe that was a mistake and a Fairfax grand larceny attorney should, therefore, be consulted right away.

Hiring an Attorney

If someone is facing grand larceny charges and being held without bond, the grand larceny lawyer can get them a bond hearing. Usually, at a Fairfax arraignment, statements are not heard nor are plea deals made. There is not necessarily a ton of information that someone facing larceny charges will get at that time. If the Fairfax grand larceny lawyer is present when no bond is set they could try convincing the judge to set a bond there rather than at a later bond hearing.

Local Fairfax grand larceny lawyers have relationships with the prosecutors and the officers involved so they may be able to get some information or get a deal that an outsider might not be able to get. They are often familiar with the judge and how that judge usually proceeds and what their sentences usually look like in Fairfax grand larceny cases.

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