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Fairfax Grand Larceny Defense

Grand larceny offenses in Fairfax are considered felonies. Grand larceny is appropriate if the taken item’s value is more than $200 or more. The value of what was taken is the big difference between grand larceny and petty larceny in Fairfax. Because the value of the taken item must be determined in both petty and grand larceny cases, adding that element to the defense can help prove what the individual is doing with that amount of money.

If you are facing larceny charges, a skilled theft lawyer can help represent you and help you work towards a desirable future. Creating a Fairfax grand larceny defense with a local theft lawyer can build confidence in your defense and the possible outcomes for your future.

Gathering Evidence

The prosecutor needs to show that the defendant of the grand larceny case took an item or items with the intent to permanently deprive the owner and that the value of the taken item was $200 or more. In Fairfax grand larceny cases, the prosecutor looks for what they can prove, if can they prove how exactly this person committed the larceny, and if can they prove the value of the item itself.

A Fairfax grand larceny lawyer is going to look for and try to see if it can be shown either that the person did not take the item or that it was not at least $200.00. An experienced grand larceny lawyer will try to discover how the prosecution will be presenting evidence of theft.

This discovery process in a Fairfax grand larceny defense case includes investigating the source of their evidence, such as a video recording, and witness statements and whether there someone at the store saying the individual took an item someone claimed to be missing. If the taken item was missing and there are no witnesses to the taking, a grand larceny defense lawyer will want to know if there is evidence to this claim. They will try to find how the other person is so certain that their client is the one who took the item? From there, the grand larceny defense lawyer looks at establishing how much the item costs.

Negotiations and Reduced Sentencing

It is always possible to get a grand larceny charge reduced down to a petty larceny or misdemeanor, which is a much better outcome for the individual facing grand larceny charges. That is something that the client and lawyer can work out, often working with the prosecutors to see they can negotiate this deal to keep the grand larceny charges from becoming a felony conviction.

Negotiations from grand larceny to petty larceny or misdemeanor often involve relationships. The individual facing larceny charges may or may not have a relationship with the prosecutor in order to make that negotiation. If a prosecutor believes that the individual being charged could actually beat the case, they are going to be more willing to negotiate.

A Fairfax grand larceny defense lawyer knows the law, knows what the commonwealth has to show. They know the rule of evidence so they can help their client get through this process to possibly reduce or get the charge dismissed.

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