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After a Fairfax Larceny Arrest

A person’s next steps after they have been charged with a larceny in Fairfax varies from case to case. The location of a person’s arrest plays a big part in what a person should do after they have been arrested.

One of the major first steps and most beneficial things a person can do is get in contact with an experienced Fairfax larceny lawyer. Having a lawyer right there to guide someone through the process is a bonus that cannot be supplemented through information on the internet.

Steps to Take Following Arrest

Generally speaking, it is always good to be polite with the loss prevention people and the police involved but do not answer any questions other than to identify yourself because the police and loss prevention officers are only there to assist in gathering evidence against the person. Be polite but not cooperative is one way to look at it.

The second thing a person should do is contact an experienced Fairfax larceny attorney. Hire an attorney that the person feels comfortable with. Once a lawyer has been hired, it is then the lawyer’s duty to start the process of gathering evidence and information about the case through subpoena from the store before the court date. This way a lawyer knows the evidence before going to court and is ready to defend the case.

Depending on each person’s circumstance, the third thing to check is someone’s immigration status if they are a non-US citizen. If someone is not a US citizen, it would be advisable to contact an immigration attorney who can assist them. It depends on what your circumstances are and it is always better to remain silent, do not offer any additional information that might incriminate you and to contact an experienced attorney to assist you.

Summons Release

If it is petit larceny or misdemeanor shoplifting, generally, a person will be released on what is called a summons. A summons is technically an arrest but it is also a promise to appear. The person needs to sign the ticket or the summons agreeing to appear at the court date that is set forth on the ticket. If the person is charged with a felony or grand larceny, then they would be placed in custody by the police and brought to the magistrate’s office.

The magistrate will determine what if any bond will be granted for the person. After that, they will have to get a court date. If it is a felony, then the first court case will be an arraignment, the second court date will be a preliminary hearing, and then they may or may not later have a trial in the Circuit Court. If it is a misdemeanor, then the first court date is going to be in the General District Court and it will be for trial.

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