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Building a Fairfax Armed Robbery Defense

Armed robbery charges differ from regular theft in that armed robbery requires an element of force, threat, or intimidation with the use of a weapon. These charges are significant and carry severe penalties. Someone arrested for armed robbery could be facing an additional weapons charge. This means a defendant could face several years in prison if they are convicted. Therefore, it is important for defendants to contact an accomplished lawyer who is capable of building a Fairfax armed robbery defense. A skilled armed robbery attorney will begin preparing a defense by reviewing all the evidence and considering the nature of the allegations made. They will also look at the history and background of the defendant for building a Fairfax armed robbery defense strategy.

Obtaining Evidence

When examing charges of armed robbery, an attorney will want to compile all of the evidence relevant to the case. This includes testimonial, recorded, and all the physical evidence. Testimonial evidence is that which is spoken, such as allegations or a report that has been made. The lawyer will want to make a list of possible witnesses and get statements. Recorded evidence would be any recorded interviews and surveillance video that might be available. After reviewing the evidence, the attorney will consider which evidence will be important for building a Fairfax armed robbery defense.

Treatment of Armed Robbery Charges

Armed robbery is considered a much more severe crime than theft by law enforcement and the courts because it involves an element of force and a weapon. In many cases, armed robbery cases also involve a serious injury. This is why the punishment for an armed robbery offense is much more severe than for a simple theft charge.

After obtaining the evidence and reviewing the facts of the case, the prosecutor and defense attorney may negotiate an armed robbery charge to a charge of theft. This may be due to the lack of evidence or a strong indication that force was not used to accomplish the theft.

Plea Deals in Armed Robbery Cases

An experienced criminal defense lawyer will only encourage the defendant to take a plea deal if it is in the defendant’s best interest. The lawyer will always keep the defendant’s best interest in mind when offering advice. Usually, plea deals would be recommended only after a thorough analysis of the evidence in the case suggests that the prosecution can prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. Also, if the risk of proceeding to trial is outweighed by the benefit of accepting a plea agreement for an agreed upon sentence or even a reduced charge.

When to Contact an Armed Robbery Lawyer in Fairfax

An individual who is charged with robbery offense in Virginia should contact an attorney as soon as they can. It is best for someone facing serious charges to consult with an attorney before their arrest so that they will know to maintain their right to remain silent and not make any statements to arresting officers or interrogating detectives.

When facing charges as serious as armed robbery, it is essential to obtain a local lawyer who has experience building a Fairfax armed robbery defense. They will have ample experience with the procedure in the court where the charges are pending. A Fairfax lawyer will also know which arguments and factors are best considered by the prosecutor and the judge.

Information a Defendant Should Have Available for the Attorney

When contacting an attorney about armed robbery charges, it is important for the individual to have information about the details of the allegations. This includes who is making the allegation, what the complaint is, information about their previous criminal history, and whether they are on probation or have any other type of restrictions. It is also imperative to discuss the defendant’s current employment status and other ties to the community. Having all this information is critical when building a Fairfax armed robbery defense.

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