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Fairfax Robbery Case Arraignments

Fairfax robbery case arraignments are where the judge tells the person what they are charged with, asks them if they can afford an attorney, and tells them it is important for them to have one for a robbery charge.

Since there is a presumption against bond, the court is not just going to bond the person out. The person is not going to get prerelease bonds and the person is not going to walk away by signing a piece of paper. If an individual wants to know more about the robbery arraignment process, they should get in contact with a qualified robbery lawyer that could answer their questions.

The Arraignment Process

Fairfax robbery case arraignments are very simple. The courts tell the person what they are charged with, let them apply for a public defender, or tell them that they need to get in touch with an attorney. After that, they take the person in for robbery and do not release them.

If an individual is not going to be immediately released, there is a possibility that their arraignment could take place via Skype. In Arlington, the courts consistently do that during Fairfax robbery case arraignment for people that have presumption against bond cases. The courts often tell individuals that they need an attorney by the release date that they have been given.

What is Presumption Against Bond?

The presumption against bond means that the person is charged with a specific type of crime and no combination of factors will be able to have that person released, not a safety risk to the community and not a flight risk. No combination of factors is a presumption for this type of charge by virtue of the person being charged. The judge is not even going to consider a bond motion that needs to be filed.

A Lawyer’s Role During the Arraignment Process

Lawyers are not usually involved in Fairfax robbery case arraignments unless they are hired before. At that time, the lawyer can file for a bond motion to be heard at the same time as the arraignment. That can sometimes happen, but it is a separate subject. If the person does not have a lawyer, the judge is not going to let the person out. The person can try to argue with them, and the judge may tell them to hire a lawyer.

Differences Between Robbery Arraignments and Other Arraignments

With reckless driving, for example, some judges can set a separate arraignment date for file and the person goes in as a separate situation. In that situation, the person is already out. Some arraignments are also served first offense misdemeanors, but when a person is actually arrested. This is specifically in Arlington with charges.

Even if it is a person’s first offense, they usually arrest the person. At that point, the judge may or may not give the person bond. The rule on it is if a person is getting bond from the magistrate the judge is not going to mess with it unless the person had filed a bond motion.

Usually, if a person is in for their arraignment, they are going to have to get an attorney file a bond motion. If a person has a bond under a magistrate for a crime by prosecution, the magistrate can make that decision if they are going to issue the person a bond.

Plea Options During an Arraignment

The court is not going to take any pleas from the defendant at this point in the case process. There is going to be no prosecutor involved, except if the bond issue is being addressed with the bond motion. There is not going to be prosecution involved. There is not going to be a situation where the person needs to be concerned about what could or could not happen. It is going to be basic. They set it for either a return date for attorney review or for the preview date and let the person find their own attorney.

Risks to a Person’s Family During a Robbery Case

The courts are not going to seize the house in the commission of a felony, but potentially it could be if used for commission of that robbery. That is part of the offense that could potentially be evidence. Then it could potentially be seized, but the family’s house is not going to be seized for a robbery. If an individual wants to learn more about Fairfax robbery case arraignments and their rights during the arraignment process, they should consult a skilled robbery lawyer that could fight for them.

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