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Out of State Drivers and Speeding Ticket in Fairfax

Even if you are a driver from another state, a speeding ticket in Virginia can have an impact on your privilige to drive. With this mind, the following is what you need to know about speeding tickets in Virginia and what will happen if you do not pay your ticket by the due date. To learn more call and schedule a consultation with a Fairfax speeding ticket lawyer today.

First Thing To Do After Receiving a Speeding

The first thing an out of state driver should do if they receive a speeding ticket in Fairfax is to verify that what they have received is in fact a speeding ticket as there is also the chance that what an out of state driver could actually be receiving is a reckless driving charge, which is much more serious and will require different steps to take if that’s the case.

On the ticket, the officer should have written clearly either “speeding” or “reckless driving” under the section of the ticket that shows what the driver is being charged with. If the charge is for speeding, then next to the number of the speed charged there will sometimes be written, “SP” and there should also be a box checked off right underneath that, where it states that the defendant does not have to go to court.

If the charge is reckless driving on the other hand, the officer will usually just write out “reckless driving” or have an “RD” next to the speed the driver is charged with, and the box will not be checked or the entire section will be crossed out because it’s a requirement for people charged with reckless driving to appear in court.

Will a Driver’s Home State Find Out About The Ticket?

Virginia is part of the driver’s license compact, which almost every state participates in. These states have agreed that any traffic violations given to out-of-state drivers will be forwarded on to that driver’s home state. This means that the home state will determine what if any consequences the out of state conviction will have on the out of state driver’s driving record.

What Happens If An Out of State Driver Doesn’t Pay Their Ticket?

Virginia forwards its charges and convictions to the home state of out-of-state drivers. If the driver does not pay the ticket by the due date, it will be up to the home state to decide what they’re going to do about it. Generally, the consequences would be the same. In Fairfax, if you don ot pay by the due date, this is cause to have your driver’s license suspended. If the home state agrees, then the out-of-state driver could have their home state license suspended as well.

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