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Falls Church Robbery Arrests

Following Falls Church robbery arrests, the first thing people should do is try to contact an attorney who could begin working on their case right away. Next, they should avoid making statements about the case with anyone other than an experienced robbery lawyer in Falls Church. Anything a person says to anyone, including the police, can potentially result in evidence used against them. For more information about Falls Church robbery arrests, seek the services of a knowledgeable attorney.

Indictments and Warrants for a Robbery Charge

An indictment is a charge brought directly by a grand jury as opposed to being brought by a warrant. The government has the ability to bring a charge in front of a grand jury and ask the charge to be brought by or begin by indictment. A warrant is obtained from a magistrate at the request of law enforcement and it is one of the ways that a person can be arrested. Typically, when there has been a long investigation about the robbery, the case will begin with an indictment rather than by a warrant.

Learning About Robbery Indictment

Most of the time, when someone is indicted for a robbery offense, a bench warrant is going to be issued immediately. If a person has been indicted for a robbery, in most cases, the government will seek to serve that on the suspect right away. It is unusual for there to be a delay of more than a few days between the time the person is indicted and the time the person is arrested.

It is important to understand that a person cannot be arrested prior to an indictment unless it is done by the way of a warrant. In Virginia, when a person is indicted, that means that a grand jury has returned an indictment against them and a judge has directed that a bench warrant to be issued.

Important Steps to Take Following a Robbery Arrest

There are a number of common mistakes people make during Falls Church robbery arrests. For instance, many people talk to the police and other people about the case. By doing so, they are making statements which can end up being used as evidence against them.

Robbery is a serious charge, therefore, it is essential for a defendant to contact a qualified defense lawyer right away. The sooner an attorney is contacted, the sooner they could begin working on the case. The lawyer needs time to gather evidence and talk to witnesses in order to present a strong defense.

Public Records of Robbery Charges

Whenever someone is charged with a criminal offense, it becomes a matter of public record. This means that as soon as the charge is made, the information is going to be available on the court’s website. Also, anytime a person does a criminal background check on the defendant, they will be able to see the robbery charge. This could cause many issues for the individual. Therefore, it is essential to reach out to a lawyer who is experienced defending those following Falls Church robbery arrests.

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