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In Fauquier County, you can be charged with reckless driving if law enforcement believes you drove too fast, operated a car with brakes that did not work, or otherwise engaged in reckless behavior that threatened the safety of others.

Often, the question of whether you actually drove recklessly is a subjective one- but there are serious consequences if police and prosecutors believe you have crossed the line into recklessness. You can fight charges and argue you do not deserve a criminal conviction, but you should have a Fauquier County reckless driving lawyer representing you.

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Why You Need a Fauquier County Reckless Driving Lawyer

It is important to hire an attorney if you are being accused of driving recklessly in Fauquier County. Reckless driving charges are not just a traffic citation as Virginia law views reckless driving as a crime. The resulting penalties if convicted, which can include a license suspension or even possible jail time, reflect the seriousness with which the state takes reckless driving. You need to take the charges seriously too, and get the help you need to mount a strategic defense.

A Fauquier County reckless driving lawyer can provide invaluable assistance from the moments after your arrest until your case is resolved. Your attorney can help determine if the police acted properly or if your rights were violated. Your lawyer may be able to help you get charges thrown out of court, or to convince a jury not to find you guilty.

Your attorney can also provide assistance dealing with a prosecutor to try to plea the charges down to a lesser offense, to reduce penalties, or to explore pre-trial diversion options that leave you with a clean criminal record.

You should not handle any criminal charges alone, including those for reckless driving. Getting the help you need from a qualified legal advocate can make a big difference in being able to protect your rights and maximize the chances of getting the best outcome possible in a situation that could have a profound impact on your future.

Fauquier County Reckless Driving Laws

The Virginia State Code has many sections devoted to reckless driving. You can be charged with this offense for:

  • Driving with faulty brakes. (Virginia Code Section 46.2-853)
  • Passing while driving around a curve or on top of a grade. (Virginia Code Section 46.2-854)
  • Operating your vehicle with your view obstructed or with impaired control of your vehicle. (Virginia Code Section 46.2-855)
  • Not stopping for a school bus that has stopped with its lights and stop arm extended. (Virginia Code Section 46.2-859)
  • Driving more than 80 MPH or driving 20 or more MPH over the posted speed limit. (Virginia Code Section 46.2-862)
  • Failing to yield when required to give other people or vehicles the right-of-way. (Virginia Code Section 46.2-863)

You may also face criminal charges for other unsafe behaviors under VA Code Section 46.2-852, which criminalizes any driving activities likely to endanger the life, limb, or property of others.

Contact a Reckless Driving Lawyer in Fauquier County Today

If you have been accused of breaking any reckless driving laws within Virginia, it is important to understand your options for responding to the criminal charge a prosecutor may bring against you.

Contact a Fauquier County reckless driving lawyer as soon as you can when you are charged with a criminal offense so you can begin fighting for your driving privileges, driving record, and your freedom.

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