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Fredericksburg DUI Court Date

Although an individual may contact their attorney regarding their case, it is very likely their Fredericksburg DUI court date information will appear on the court’s website. They could also call the clerk’s office. Someone should appear in court with an established DUI lawyer because the appearance of a defendant is required for jailable offenses. Even if they do not appear on the date they are scheduled for court, the court may enter a bench warrant to require that person to appear in court.

There are a variety of circumstances in which people are able to change their court date. It depends on what the court date is set for and whether the court date has been changed in the past. To determine whether a case may be continued or whether a new date may be set, a person should speak with an attorney.

Typical DUI Court Process

Some things people who have been charged with driving under the influence should expect during the process of their case include having an arraignment, being asked by the court if they understand what they are charged with, and being told they have the right to have an attorney. They may expect to have that case continued for a trial date. On their trial date, they may expect to have their attorney discuss the case with the prosecutor and discuss the possible outcome with them before deciding whether or not to proceed to trial.

Are There Consequences of Not Appearing for Court?

The consequences of not appearing for a Fredericksburg DUI court date can include a bench warrant for arrest and a new court date set. If someone misses court, they may be held in contempt of court and serve up to ten days in jail. If someone if from out-of-state, they should have the option to change the court date to a more convenient time. Courts are generally more flexible for people who have to travel from out-of-state. It is important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible so that you do not limit your possibilities of continuances in the future.

Penalties for Someone Out-Of-State Missing Court

The consequences for missing a Fredericksburg DUI court date if someone is out-of-state could be much worse than someone local. If this occurs, they may be subject to a bench warrant issued for being out-of-state means that a person may have to be transported or even extradited to Fredericksburg.

These consequences could follow a person home, because if Fredericksburg issues a bench warrant for someone for missing court they could be arrested in any state and extradited to Virginia. It is important to hire an attorney and communicate with this attorney about their coordinator and the reasons that they missed court or might not be able to make it.

Meeting Legal Counsel for Fredericksburg DUI Court Dates

Some important things lawyers may tell individuals before their court date include how to prepare for their court date, what time to be in court, and how to dress appropriately. For example, it could be beneficial to avoid wearing any open-toed shoes, shorts or shirts that are un-tucked to court.

They want to be able to find their courtroom and know where to wait for their attorney. Attorneys also instruct the accused on the procedures for court. The accused may be advised against speaking with the police officer or other witnesses, or the prosecutor on the day of court.

Some good ways to prepare for court include discussing all the possibilities with their attorney and following their attorney’s advice on each step, which may be different in each case.

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