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Driving Without a License in Fredericksburg

Driving without a license in Fredericksburg is a punishable offense, that could have plenty of negative outcomes. Driving without a license is a separate charge from a DUI. A DUI alleges that an individual is driving while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or a combination. Driving without a license alleges that they are driving without going through the proper steps to get a Virginia driver’s license. If an individual wants to know more about DUI offenses and the implications that driving without a license after already having been charged with a DUI can have, speak with a skilled DUI lawyer that could advocate for you.

How Prosecutors Treat Unlicensed Driving Offenses

When an unlicensed driver is charged with DUI, there are several additional concerns that are raised to the prosecutor. It is very concerning to prosecutors when people are driving under the influence, and it is also concerning to prosecutors that people are driving without a license in Fredericksburg. In cases where someone who lacks the proper licensing is driving intoxicated, there are serious concerns. In many instances, the person is not properly trained to drive and, much more commonly, is not carrying proper insurance while driving in a dangerous manner.

Prosecutors are concerned that anyone driving under the influence is more likely to cause an accident. If somebody is driving under the influence without any insurance, they are in danger of causing a lot of damage that they can never repay and can never make whole. In those situations, they can expect to be treated very harshly by the criminal justice system.

Driving Without a License as an Aggravating Factor to DUI Charges

One way in which driving without a license in Fredericksburg affects DUI is that it is one additional charge. This makes it more difficult to reach a plea bargain that is in favor of the defendant. Also, someone without a license is raising serious additional concerns. The main concern that a prosecutor has with the DUI charge is the danger to the community, and someone driving without a license and without insurance causes an increased risk to the community. Not only do they cause an increased risk because they are not properly licensed to drive, they are not being properly insured means that if they do cause property damage or injure someone, there is no way for them to pay for that damage or for that person’s medical needs.

Driving on a License That Was Suspended Due to a DUI

Driving on a suspended license is a different charge than driving on a license that was suspended due to a DUI. Driving on a license suspended because of a DUI is treated much more seriously because an individual whose license is suspended because of a DUI is viewed as presenting a danger to the community. By driving again and disregarding the court orders, that person is showing that they are either unwilling or unable to follow the court order, or they do not take the court’s orders seriously. They are substituting their judgment for the judgment of the court and in many cases, the court looks at that individual as if they just do not care about the danger they are posing to society. They clearly have a substance abuse problem if they are out drinking and driving after having their license revoked for drinking and driving. Many judges feel that there is nothing they can do with someone in that situation except to deny them bond and lock them in jail for as long as possible.

Are Unlicensed Driving Charges and DUI Charges Heard at the Same Time?

Generally speaking, the court would prefer to hear a DUI and a driving without a license in Fredericksburg charge at the same time in the same court. There are some circumstances in which it may be possible to have two different cases. One might be successful in arguing that the jury should not hear the fact that the accused is unlicensed and might be successful in having two different trials. But, generally speaking, the court will prefer to have both cases heard at the same time. When a DUI case or a driving without a license case starts, it will always start in the general district court and they will always have the same court date initially. It would be extraordinary to have the cases later split up into two different court dates.

Differences Between Unlicensed Driving and Driving on a Suspended License

Someone who is driving on a suspended license will always be treated more harshly by the criminal justice system than someone who is simply unlicensed. Being an unlicensed driver raises serious concerns to the court because that person has not proved that they can operate a motor vehicle safely and they have not gone through the proper steps to show that they have insurance and that they understand the rules of the road. Someone who is caught driving on a suspended license will raise even more serious concerns due to the fact that that individual has gone through the proper steps and then the state has revoked their driving privileges for a period of time. Whether this is as a punishment or whether it is because that person is a danger to other motorists on the road because of their dangerous driving, their license was suspended. Having a license suspended could be for administrative reasons, for punishment, or because they are actually a dangerous driver. Regardless of those circumstances, the prosecutor is going to treat that case much more harshly than someone who has failed to get their driver’s license in the first place. If an individual wants to know more about driving without a license in Fredericksburg, they should consult an adept DUI lawyer that could answer their questions.


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