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Fredericksburg DUIs and Security Clearances

Fredericksburg DUIs and security clearances are inexplicably connected and should be regarded as serious. However, if you were to drink and drive and end up with a DUI charge, you risk retaining or applying for a security clearance. This could immediately disrupt your way of life. Fortunately, there are steps that could be taken with the help of an attorney that could demonstrate to the court that this was a one-off, that you have good intentions, and that you do not wish to commit a similar offense again.

How Common Security Clearance Requirements Are in Fredericksburg

For Fredericksburg employees, a security clearance is a common requirement because many employers in the area have extensive government contracts that require a certain clearance. There are many private companies in the area that routinely do business with the federal government.

How DUIs Jeopardize Someone’s Ability to Obtain a Security Clearance

A DUI could jeopardize someone’s ability to obtain a security clearance or to maintain one if it shows a pattern of behavior that causes concern about an individual’s ability to maintain secrecy. Drug charges or DUIs are harmful to people with security clearances because they may be seen to have a substance abuse problem. Generally, a single count of a DUI would not be a bar to someone receiving a security clearance, but if it points to a larger pattern, it could cause problems for maintaining their security clearance.

Someone who already has a security clearance could be severely affected in maintaining it if they receive many DUI charges or convictions. Charges or convictions could lead to possible issues pointing to a problem of alcohol consumption that is just one of the criteria used in the security clearance process. The government is trying to determine whether someone has problems with alcohol abuse or with substance abuse or addictions and having many DUIs would indicate that may be the case.

As if to make matters direr, a person who lost a security clearance could have difficulty in having it reinstated for another job later that requires one.

Defense Strategies against DUI Charges in Fredericksburg

Some strategies a defense attorney could take for a DUI charge that may be jeopardizing someone’s security clearance might be to have the client take an action that shows they are addressing their legal and personal issues. That could include individual and group therapy or some other means available to help them to improve their individual situation and highlight to the prosecutor the steps they are taking to take full responsibility and prevent a repeat of the offending behavior in the future. It is often helpful to discuss employment situations with a prosecutor and to present some alternatives that may ultimately benefit someone who has a security clearance that is required for their employment.

Contact a Well-Versed Attorney for Defense Help

When mistakes happen, the consequences of actions could impact your life in a serious way. When a security clearance is at stake, it is imperative you take all steps within your power to preserve your trustworthiness in the eyes of your company. An attorney could help you take the necessary steps forward to demonstrate to the court that your charge or conviction was a one-time ordeal. Fredericksburg DUIs and security clearances are not to be underestimated in their interconnectedness. Call a legal representative today.

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