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Employment Consequences Following a Fredericksburg DUI

The employment consequences following a Fredericksburg DUI vary greatly according to the defendant’s circumstances and from profession to profession and employer to employer. This means that some individuals may not be adversely affected by a DUI as far as their job is concerned, while others may lose their job if convicted of a DUI. Losing your job or losing the ability to get a job is one of the many reasons it is essential for defendants to seek the services of a seasoned DUI attorney. If you have been arrested for a DUI, call today and get started on your defense.

DUI Impact on Prospective Employer

In Fredericksburg, it is more common for employers to run background checks. Many employers in the area have contracts with the federal government that require some level of security clearance. These security clearances require background checks, which can reveal a DUI if the individual has been convicted of one.

One of the consequences following a Fredericksburg DUI is that the individual may have trouble getting a job that they have applied for. If a prospective employer sees a DUI conviction on their record, then it could impact their chances of getting a job. This is especially true if the employer sees a DUI as an indication of a broader problem that has not been dealt with adequately. An employer trying to decide between two equally suited individuals might lean toward the one without a criminal record rather than the one with a DUI charge.

What Happens When Someone is Already Employed and Then Gets a DUI?

If someone is already employed and they receive a DUI conviction, then it could cause issues with their current company. Many companies have an internal disciplinary process to address instances of bad behavior by employees, even outside of the company. Another one of the consequences following a Fredericksburg DUI is that it could impact the individual’s ability to get to and from work. When someone gets a DUI, they will have their license suspended and could lose the ability to drive to work unless they obtain a restricted license.

First Offense or Repeat Offense Impact on Employment

First-offense DUIs can cause employment issues for people in the Fredericksburg area for certain individuals. However, it is not uncommon for an individual to experience a DUI conviction and be able to maintain their employment.

Whether a first DUI conviction is treated differently from a repeat offense and has an impact on a person’s ability to be employed again depends on the employer and the job application. Many employers do not disqualify candidates for misdemeanor convictions and most job applications do not require applicants to disclose a misdemeanor conviction such as a DUI. However, many jobs do have licensing requirements or security clearance requirements where having a DUI could have an adverse effect on a candidate’s employment possibilities.

Avoiding DUI Conviction

Avoiding a DUI conviction may prove to be the difference in an individual’s ability to keep their job or apply for another one. A DUI arrest may cause problems for certain individuals but a conviction could lead to several issues. An experienced lawyer could help a defendant avoid conviction and the employment consequences following a Fredericksburg DUI. If you are facing charges, seek an attorney right away.

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