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Medical Attention Risks Following a Fredericksburg DUI

If you have been injured in a car accident, it could be crucial that you get medical attention right away. You should probably seek medical care even if you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the wreck. Medical treatment is important for your recovery from an accident. However, you should also know the medical attention risks following a Fredericksburg DUI. For more information on DUIs and receiving medical care after a DUI accident, contact a seasoned lawyer today.

Refusing Medical Attention

An individual has the right to refuse to receive medical attention after an accident for a variety of reasons. However, the act of refusing to receive medical attention could be used against them in a DUI case as evidence of why the police officer thought they were intoxicated. Refusing to seek medical attention when it is needed could also have other serious effects in the long term. Even though there are medical attention risks following a DUI in Fredericksburg, such as finding evidence of a DUI, it is still advised that anyone involved in an accident seek medical care.

Officer Not Allowing Medical Attention

Someone who does not receive medical attention after an accident cannot use that as a defense against a DUI. However, it does show important aspects of the arrest made by the officer. It shows that the police are not doing their job properly and not taking their investigation seriously. It also reveals that from the beginning, before gathering any evidence against the person, the police chose to believe that the person was guilty and they were not deserving of medical attention when they said they needed it.

The jury or judge will see that the officer was not interested in doing their job the correct way and was not interested in helping the situation. The police were only interested arresting someone they felt was guilty of driving under the influence. The fact that an officer is unwilling to seek medical attention when it is warranted may show that there was a bias in the investigation from the beginning.

Positive and Negative Aspects of Medical Attention

If an individual needs medical attention, it should always be sought without consideration of how it is going to look or help with their legal situation. However, there could be some positive and some negative results about having sought medical attention in any particular case. Someone receiving medical care could not be used against them in the course of a normal DUI case except for that it shows their driving behavior caused an injury. It could be used to show that they are being guilty of driving under the influence which caused a greater level of harm.

It is also possible that by seeking medical attention the individual could divulge some more information to the state. Anything that an individual says can be used against them in court. For example, if an individual tells the nurse at the hospital that they were driving under the influence, the nurse can testify in court that the defendant told them they were driving under the influence.

When someone has to go to the hospital to have a blood test taken, they are submitting to a blood test to the hospital which may yield evidence against the individual by showing they were intoxicated when they were driving. If you have any more questions regarding medical attention risks following a Fredericksburg DUI, call a lawyer today.

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