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Out of State Drivers and Fredericksburg DUI Charges

Laws regarding DUIs vary from state to state. There are some things that are very similar in the different states, and some states have strange outlying rules that they involve in their DUI laws. There are many states that have two levels of offense and many that have only one level of offense. In Virginia, there is only one level of DUI, but Maryland has a DUI and a reduced DUI (or driving while impaired) charge. If an individual wants to know more about out of state drivers and Fredericksburg DUI charges, they should speak with a seasoned DUI lawyer that could answer their questions.

Impact of Fredericksburg DUI Charges on Out of State Drivers

Being charged with a DUI in Virginia will affect a person’s driver’s license a little differently based on the state in which they are living. Most states are part of an agreement and report DUIs or other traffic cases to the DMV of a person’s home state. Some states are better at reporting than other states, and some states that are part of that agreement are better at keeping track of things that are reported to them.

It is not always easy to tell from the beginning of a case how someone would be affected, but a person can generally expect that a person who has an out of state license and then is convicted of DUI in Virginia will be reported back to their home state. One of the things to consider when discussing out of state drivers and Fredericksburg DUI charges is that the individual could lose their license. They should plan on their home state treating their license the same way as they would if the person got a DUI in that state. A person may get lucky and not have their license revoked, but they should plan on their home state revoking the license due to DUI just as they would if the person was convicted of DUI in that home state.

How DUI Laws Differ

All jurisdictions in Virginia have the same laws. They may differ from other states to some degree, but all counties in Virginia have the same Virginia law dictated by the legislature in Richmond. From state to state, the laws tend to be quite similar, but some of the neighboring states of Virginia have the possibility of a reduced impairment DUI. Virginia DUI laws only have one level of impairment: the individual who is impaired by drugs, alcohol, or combination thereof cannot operate a motor vehicle. Other states may break it down into a more technical distribution with someone who has a blood alcohol content of 0.08 being guilty of DUI and someone who has a blood alcohol content of 0.05 being guilty of a less serious offense.

Value of a Fredericksburg DUI Lawyer

There are several reasons to retain a local attorney to help with DUI charges. A local lawyer could explain some of the differences between the DUI laws that the person may be familiar with in their home state and the laws in Virginia. Also, a local attorney will know the procedures and likely outcomes in a DUI case in the local county. A local attorney also will have experience working with the prosecutors and police in the county and will know if there are things that can be done before the court to improve somebody’s situation or increase the possibility of reducing or dismissing their case. If an individual has been charged with a DUI offense and wants to know more about out of state drivers and Fredericksburg DUI charges, they should contact a knowledgeable lawyer that could answer their questions and explain the nuances of local DUI laws.

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