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Ten Days Following a Fredericksburg DUI

DUI arrests can have serious consequences for individuals. One of the consequences is administrative license suspension. Suspension of a license could make day to day activities like buying groceries and commuting to work. The most important thing to do in the ten days following a Fredericksburg DUI arrest is to contact an experienced DUI attorney who can help a charged individual navigate the DUI case process..

Steps to Take Following a DUI

Following a DUI arrest, there are several things that a person can do in the ten days following a Fredericksburg DUI to help their situation as much a possible. First and foremost, they should seek legal advice and discuss the facts of the case with an attorney. Depending on the facts of the case, it is a good idea to have a drug test or an alcohol analysis done as soon as possible.

Collecting Evidence

It is a good idea to gather and preserve as much evidence as they can to show where they were the day of their arrest, and what they did leading up to the arrest, as well as receipts for the things they bought. They should make a concrete timeline of their behavior that day and exactly what they did so they can re-create exactly where they went and what they did during that time.

It is important to gather any information that an individual may have about their driving record and any substance abuse history that they have or any treatment history they have to be able to discuss those things with an experienced attorney. The big goal of an individual in the days immediately following a DUI arrest should be to preserve as much evidence that they can and to not do anything that would hurt their case, to put them on the right track, to improve their position as much as possible before going to court and the most important way to do that is to speak with an experienced DUI attorney and set up a meeting as soon as possible to discuss the facts of their case and the things that they can do to address the issues that are going to be of particular importance in the individual case.

Under What Circumstances Can a Person Drive Their Car During the 10-Day Period?

When a person has an administrative license suspension ten days following a Fredericksburg DUI, they cannot drive their car under any circumstances or they can be charged with driving under suspension. It is possible for someone to have the charges reduced or dismissed if they are driving in order to protect the life or limb of another, but that is a defense that an attorney needs to prep for. Unless the court agrees, they should not drive under any circumstances when they are under a suspension for driving.

How an Attorney Can Help in the First Ten Days Following Arrest

Immediately following a DUI, an individual has an administrative license suspension that is a civil restraint on their ability to drive for a temporary period depending on whether they have had a DUI in the past or not. It is important to get an attorney working on their case right away because it is possible to challenge that administrative license suspension. Challenging a suspension requires the prosecutor to show evidence that an individual’s license should be suspended. It requires the prosecutor to use the same evidence which they will have to rely on for the DUI when that charge goes to trial.

A defense attorney could gather a lot of information about how to approach a case and the weaknesses and strengths inherent in a case by being able to challenge that administrative driver’s license suspension in the ten days following a Fredericksburg DUI arrest and to be able to gather evidence of the case from that administrative hearing. Individuals facing DUI charges should consider working with skilled DUI attorneys that could pursue a positive outcome for them.

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