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Few stages are more important in a young person’s life than their experiences in college. Not only will a successful term in college earn you a valuable degree, but the relationships that you build could provide a social foundation for years to come.

Given that schools demand that their students act with a strict moral code,
a single instance could put that entire future at risk. Even the appearance of impropriety could trigger an investigation that has the power to significantly hamper your education. Making matters worse, many of the allegations can also bring criminal charges that could result in serious consequences.

A Fredericksburg student defense lawyer is dedicated to the idea that you have rights. This includes Constitutional rights in criminal courts and the right to fair process in school disciplinary hearings. An experienced attorney could help to protect your rights during all legal proceedings.

Common Criminal Charges Faced by College Students

College could be a time of great temptation. With so many young adults living together free from parental influence, a certain amount of acting out is expected. It is important to note that this newfound freedom has its limits. All college students must be sure to follow the laws of the Commonwealth. A status of a person as a college student has no bearing on any potential criminal case.

Consequently, even allegations of minor misdemeanors can bring great consequences. Fredericksburg laws state that a conviction for any criminal offense will create a criminal record. In addition, many misdemeanor convictions can bring a jail sentence. For this reason, it is essential that students be prepared from day one to protect their futures.

It may require skilled attorney work to fight back against even common offenses. These offenses include DUIs, petty theft, or even drug possession. Sex crimes, aggravated assaults, drug distribution charges, and other more serious felonies severely threaten a defendant’s future. A Fredericksburg lawyer could work to provide a powerful student defense against any criminal charges.

The Potential Impact Upon a Student’s Education

Attending college successfully is not just about getting good grades. Schools also require their students to adhere to a code of conduct. While every school will use different terms to describe this code, a typical code will require good moral fiber. A student who faces accusations of criminal activity may certainly be in violation of these codes.

While schools cannot prosecute criminal cases in the same way as the Commonwealth, they do have the ability to affect a student’s future in the school. Any allegation involving a violation of the school’s code of conduct may trigger an investigation. These investigations have great latitude to talk to witnesses, to gather evidence, and even to require a defendant to speak to the school’s agents. Violations may result in a forced change of residence, a suspension, or even expulsion.

A student defense attorney in Fredericksburg could help to preserve your academic future. They may be able to work to cross-examine the legitimacy of any evidence brought by the school and help students to prepare their defenses in case of compelled testimony.

How a Fredericksburg Student Defense Attorney Could Help

Attending college is a great investment. You may have thousands of dollars placed into the program to build the experiences and life-lessons that will shape your future. A single allegation of wrongdoing could erase all your hard work and commitment.

A Fredericksburg student defense lawyer is dedicated to helping prevent this from happening. This includes fighting to protect your rights in Fredericksburg’s District Court and helping to plead your case before your school’s disciplinary board. Our goal is to defeat any criminal charges brought by the Commonwealth and to preserve your right to continue your education. Contact an attorney immediately to let them get to work helping you.

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