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Colleges and universities in Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas must follow all federal rules and laws. This includes refraining from discriminating against students based upon their sex. Schools also have a duty to prevent the harassment of their students by members of their community because of their sex.

This can directly affect you if your school accuses you of harassment or a violent crime. Schools have extensive power to investigate allegations of Title IX violations and can impose severe penalties with far less evidence than is required in criminal court. Many of these allegations can also result in criminal prosecution.

A Fredericksburg Title IX lawyer could help to protect your freedom and your academic future. Well-versed defense attorneys could work to defend your rights in criminal court against any charge and to help prepare a defense for any school disciplinary hearings.

The Duty of the School Under Title IX

Title IX is a collection of laws that prohibit sex discrimination in any school that accepts federal funding. Consequently, nearly every school in Fredericksburg is obligated to follow these rules. The school must refrain from sex discrimination in admissions, funding, and housing. The school must also take steps to protect students from harassment or violence because of their sex.

Schools must act swiftly to act in case of a bona fide complaint. Schools enact codes of conduct that all students must follow, and any alleged violation of these codes is likely to prompt an investigation. Even if the incident does not involve criminal charges, a school can act to punish a student in various ways. These may include:

  • Changes in residence
  • Revision of privileges
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion

A Title IX lawyer in Fredericksburg could help students to fight for their academic futures in disciplinary hearings.

Providing a Powerful Defense in Criminal Court

Many allegations of Title IX violations also violate Fredericksburg law. Harassment, stalking, assaults, rape, and other similar incidents are clear violations of Commonwealth law and will result in criminal prosecutions.

Even misdemeanor convictions can bring serious penalties. Any conviction will create a criminal record that could affect a student’s ability to obtain a job or housing. While misdemeanors are unlike to result in jail time, this is certainly an option available to a prosecutor.

More serious allegations are felonies. In many instances, convictions for violent conduct or sexual assaults carry mandatory minimum prison sentences. It is especially important for students in such a circumstance to act quickly to protect their rights. A Fredericksburg lawyer could help to establish a Title IX defense.

Contact a Fredericksburg Title IX Attorney

Title IX places great restrictions on how colleges and universities in Fredericksburg can conduct their business. On top of prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex, these laws also require schools to establish investigatory boards that look into allegations of crimes inspired by the alleged victim’s sex. This can result in devastating consequences for you if you face allegations of this sort of conduct.

Not only can a school act unilaterally to rescind privileges, suspend, or even expel you, but your rights are limited during these hearings. In addition, many of these allegations may spawn criminal cases where convictions can carry a lifetime of consequences.

A Fredericksburg Title IX lawyer could fight for your rights in every arena. They understand the emotional toll that these accusations can take and fight to provide guidance and representation every step of the way. Contact an attorney today to learn how to fight to protect your future.

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