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Medical Attention Following a Greensville County DUI

After a person is arrested for a DUI, depending on the circumstances of the arrest, law enforcement is required to provide medical attention to anyone who might need it.

It is crucial for a seasoned DUI lawyer to know if the defendant did not receive medical attention when they should have because it could have a tremendous effect on the outcome of the DUI case. The absence of needed medical attention could significantly affect the performance on the field sobriety tests if they were done prior to receiving medical attention. Also, depending on the nature of the potential injuries, it could impact the person’s blood alcohol content.

Read below for more information about medical attention following a Greensville County DUI.

How an Officer Determines If a Person Needs Medical Care

A police officer will determine if a person needs medical attention based on their observations and any statements given by the driver. If the driver is indicating that they need medical attention, the police officer is likely going to take steps to ensure that the driver receives medical care.

A skilled attorney could use the fact that the person did not receive medical attention as a possible defense, depending on the circumstances of the failure for medical attention to be provided. There is a range of potential defenses because medical attention is so crucial to being able to accurately determine whether or not a driver was impaired by virtue of alcohol or drug consumption and whether or not a driver might have been impaired due to their medical needs. A medical issue could also impact the reliability of any tests that were conducted after any potential injuries to the driver.

Pros and Cons of Receiving Medical Treatment Following a DUI

Receiving medical attention following a Greensville County DUI could hurt or help a defendant’s case. It is possible that if a person receives medical attention. they could be screened as part of their medical treatment for the presence of any drugs or alcohol. They could also be asked questions related to their medical care that could later be used against them in court. There are questions that are designed to provide treatment as opposed to questions that are designed for purposes of investigating a possible DUI. That being said, if a person needs medical care, they should seek it. An individual’s health is more important than their DUI case.

A person is always within their rights to refuse medical attention if they feel that they do not need it. In some circumstances, a defense lawyer might recommend a person refuse medical attention. A person should always be aware of their own health and of their own immediate needs. They are within their rights to make their own decisions with regards to their own health and legal consequences.

Call a Greensville County Lawyer About Medical Attention After a DUI

If you have any questions about medical attention following a Greensville County DUI, get in touch with a knowledgeable lawyer. An accomplished lawyer could build a strong defense and advocate for you throughout the legal process. Call today and set up a consultation.

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