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Leesburg DUI Cases

In Loudoun County and other parts of Virginia DUI charges are taken extremely seriously and often prosecuted severly. The following is important information you should know if you have been charged with driving under the influence in Leesburg. To learn more or discuss the specifics of your case, schedule a consultation with a Leesburg DUI lawyer.

Top Three Things You Should Know About DUI Cases In Leesburg

#1: You Can Refuse Preliminary Breath Tests and Field Sobriety Tests

The number one thing you should know about DUI cases in Leesburg is you absolutely have the right to refuse preliminary breath test, and a field sobriety test. This is not for debate, that’s number one.

#2: Leesburg DUIs Are Prosecuted Very Aggressively

Number two, you should know that Loudoun County prosecutes DUI offenses very aggressively. It is not typical for a DUI offense to get laterally amended to another charge often known as a “wet reckless” which other jurisdictions apply more readily to DUI cases.

#3: Never Try to Handle a DUI Case Alone

Number three, you should never go alone into a DUI case.  Even more so than other types of driving offenses, an experienced DUI attorney can add real value to your case. For further information, contact an experienced Leesburg DUI attorney right away.

Are DUIs An Area Of Focus For Law Enforcement Officers?

DUI offenses are definitely an area of emphasis for law enforcement. DUI accidents, especially serious DUI accidents that involve injuries or fatalities, make headline news and lead all drivers to question whether or not they’re safe on the roads. As a result, law enforcement is under great public pressure to enforce the DUI laws of the Commonwealth and to keep our roads safe. The law enforcement officers tasked with enforcing DUI laws take their role very seriously and work hard to keep the road as safe as they possibly can.

There are many reasons why DUI is an area of emphasis for law enforcement officers. The first reason is that DUI drivers constitute a danger to the public. DUI accidents, especially those involving injuries or fatalities, are all too common and lead drivers to believe that they may not be safe on the road. Enforcing DUI laws is a way of keeping our highways of the Commonwealth safe.

What Makes DUI Cases In Leesburg Unique?

DUI law is unique in that it is highly nuanced, driven by statutes, and involves a number of scientific and factual principles that are complicated. This applies to field sobriety tests as well as breath tests. In addition, the scientific evidence and how it pertains to a person’s individual factual circumstance are very important in DUI cases. All this combines to make DUI one of the most nuanced areas of the law.

Leesburg DUI cases are unique in that there are three different law enforcement agencies that are actively enforcing the DUI laws in Leesburg. The Town of Leesburg Police Department, Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office and the Virginia State Police are all permitted to enforce the traffic laws and DUI laws in the Town of Leesburg and all do so vigorously.

In addition, the Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney’s office prosecutes DUI cases very stringently. It is not their common practice to go “soft” on DUIs or to make deals when it is perceived to be a tough case for prosecution.

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