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Abiding by a Manassas Protective Order

Any time an individual is charged with domestic violence or battery, it is likely that a civil protective order will also be issued, also referred to as a restraining order. It is important that an individual understand and abide by the provisions outlined in a Manassas protective order as the consequences of non-compliance can be severe.

If you are facing a protective order in Manassas and need help understanding the specific regulations in order to best abide by it, you should contact a skilled domestic violence attorney in Manassas as soon as possible.

Types of Protective Orders

While the specifics of such an order are case-dependent, the most commonly issued Manassas protective order is a temporary, 72-hour restraining order, which requires that the defendant has no contact with the issuer of the order for 72 hours. If the defendant and the issuer live together, this may render the defendant unable to return home for the duration of the order.

Less frequently, a permanent protective order is issued. Such an order may remain in place for up to two years. While a temporary protective order can be issued by a magistrate without the defendant present, a permanent restraining order can only be issued at a full hearing in front of a judge.

Finally, if a defendant in a domestic violence case is released on bond, such a release is often conditioned on the stipulation that the defendant has no contact with the alleged victim for the duration of the case. While this is not technically a protective order, it can have an effect similar to a protective order.

Impact of an Order

A protective order in Manassas is associated with a number of negative consequences for someone’s case. Such an order is a matter of public record. This means that, if the individual to whom the order is issued has a criminal background check conducted on them, such a background check will reveal the restraining order. This can often affect an individual’s ability to secure or maintain employment.

Moreover, by federal law, an individual who is under a restraining order in Manassas is prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm. Therefore, an individual who has been issued a protective order must relinquish any firearms in their possession and will likely have their conceal or carry permits revoked.

Importance of Compliance

Most significantly, if an individual does not abide by the protective order in Manassas and it is related to an ongoing criminal case, the court can revoke the individual’s bond for non-compliance, requiring that they sit in jail as they await trial.

Even if the protective order is not related to a criminal case, the court has contempt powers at its disposal if an individual does not abide by their Manassas restraining order. Such powers allow the court to place the individual in jail or to issue the individual a fine. It is important to note that it is not unusual for a jail sentence to be imposed if a protective order has been violated. It is unusual for a jail sentence not to be imposed under such circumstances.

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