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Manassas DUI Classes

There are a number of DUI education programs and classes in Manassas. The primary one most people are familiar with is the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP) as this is the program an individual is ordered to enter into when they are convicted of a DUI.

Outside of VASAP, however, there are a number of other alcohol education classes and treatment programs available through private organizations and entities in the Manassas area that may be of benefit to those accused of DUI. If someone wants to find out which program might work best for them under their circumstances, they should consult with an attorney, such as a Manassas DUI lawyer, and discuss the particulars of their situation.

Mandatory DUI Classes

When a person is convicted of a DUI charge in Virginia, the legislature mandates that the person complete the VASAP classes, which is a twenty-hour program administered locally, usually around a person’s schedule.

Anytime there is a DUI charge of any kind, whether it is a first offense, second offense, DUI drug, or DUI alcohol, in every single one of these cases there is a DUI class that must be completed. If the class is not completed, an individual risks violating their probation and having their restricted driver’s license (if they are eligible for one) revoked.

Can You Go To DUI School Voluntarily Without A Court Order?

Whether you can pre-enroll in VASAP depends on the jurisdiction you are in. Some jurisdictions allow this. Check with your lawyer to determine whether it is possible and/or advisable in your case. There are a number of private classes or treatment programs available as well. Whether it is advisable to take one of these classes prior to going to court is something a person must talk over with their attorney in light of the particular circumstances of their case.

Who Runs The DUI Education Program?

The DUI education program in Virginia, in every jurisdiction, is run by VASAP. This is an organ of the Commonwealth of Virginia charged with administering DUI education classes, supervising driver’s licenses suspended as a result of DUI, and supervising ignition interlock devices on vehicles.

Most localities have a VASAP office. In more rural jurisdictions, they may share an office with multiple counties. In Northern Virginia, and in Manassas in particular, there is a local VASAP office located in the courthouse. That is the entity a person deals with when they are taking their DUI classes.

Online DUI Classes

There are a number of counseling centers and metal health professionals in the Manassas area who offer classes related to DUI or alcoholism, as well as treatment. Most of these classes are in person rather than online. An individual derives the greatest benefit from courses of this kind when they participate in person.

Difference Between Traffic School and DUI Classes

Traffic school is not the same as a DUI educational program. In most DUI cases in Manassas, the only class that is required is the DUI education class offered through VASAP. If a person wants help to remove some of the negative points put on their license by a DUI conviction, there are hundreds of driver improvement classes available to them.

A list of these is on the Virginia DMV website. A person can contact those entities to complete the class. Some are completed entirely online; some are completed partially online with a test taken in person.

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