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Manassas DUI’s and Employment

A DUI can have a very significant impact on employment depending on the type of employment and whether it private employment or government employment. Additionally, if your job requires you to drive such as if you are a commercial driver or hold a commercial driver’s license, it may have an even greater impact. For these reasons, it is important to ensure you are putting the strongest defense forward for your charges by contacting a Manassas DUI lawyer. An attorney can assist by preparing you for what to expect, and minimizing the harm of  your offense as much as possible. To discuss your case and what steps may be taken, call and schedule a consultation today.

Impact on Background Checks

Employers in Manassas, and Virginia generally, frequently run background checks. These can be done for someone in government, military service, holding a professional license, or in education. Any kind of employer can ask for a background check. Today, particularly in the DC area and in Virginia, it is unusual not to run a background check when someone is being considered for any kind of long term employment.

With this said, when a person has a DUI on their record, it can have a negative impact on their chances of getting a job, particularly if the DUI is recent. Most employers know that when someone has a recent DUI they do not have an unlimited ability to drive and may not have any ability to drive. This is something that may deter an employer from even giving someone an interview.

A DUI is also something that, when recent, may be a red flag to an employer as it demonstrates poor judgment on the part of the potential employee. A DUI may indicate untreated or insufficiently treated drug or alcohol or psychological problems. A DUI conviction has less impact when it is in the distant past.

Will You Always Have a Chance to Explain Your DUI Record?

In most cases, the person does not get a chance to explain their DUI record to potential employers who might view a DUI negatively. For some employers, simply seeing the conviction is enough to eliminate the candidate at that point. In some circumstances, if the employer has a strong desire to hire the individual and/or the DUI took place a long time ago, the person might get an opportunity to explain that in an interview.

DUI Charges and Security Clearances

Another category of people for whom a DUI can be problematic are those who are members of the Armed Forces or those with security clearances. While it is not typically the case that the DUI in isolation causes a person to lose their clearance, it is a possibility. Also, if there are other factors that are of concern to the clearance officer, the DUI could be something that pushes them over the edge. For some people who are active armed forces, it is a condition of their employment that they not receive any active jail sentence. If they do receive an active jail sentence, they are automatically separated from the military and will receive a dishonorable discharge.

DUI’s and Private Employees

In terms of private employers, there is much more variation. Private employers have far more latitude and can more freely make individual decisions. There is more leniency available with a private employer when someone is convicted of a DUI and is a valued employee. Nevertheless, this is something that is evaluated on a case by case basis. Those charged with DUI, if they can reasonably do so, should make an inquiry with their employer about the potential penalties.

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