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Posting Bond in Manassas DUI Cases

When someone is arrested for a DUI in Manassas and their case is pending, they may be able to post bond in order to secure a release from jail while they wait for their court date. The bond amount will likely differ depending on the specific details of the case and on the past and identity of the defendant. For more specific information regarding how bond is determined or how to post bond, read on or contact a Manassas DUI lawyer today.

Difference Between Bail and Bond

Bail and bond are often used interchangeably, but actually mean different things. Bail means being released from jail during the pendency of a person’s case. The court will set a number of conditions for a person to be released on bail or to remain on bail. One of these conditions is that a bond be posted. Bond is either money, or a promise to pay money, which is given to the court as a condition of release. If someone appears at all their court dates, the bond is released and the money is returned.  If they do not appear then the court can order the bond to be forfeited, that is, paid over to the court.

In most cases, people hire a bail bondsman to post the bond on their behalf and will typically pay a fee equal to about 10% of the bond for that service. Using these services is not required, but it is very typically the way that people handle the situation.

How Bond Amount is Determined

When bail is granted in a Manassas DUI case, a bond amount is determined initially by a magistrate and may also be reviewed for reduction by a General District Court judge, and ultimately again by a Circuit Court judge. The amount is set by the judge with reference to the severity of the charges, any previous record the individual may have, whether they have ever been charged with failing to appear in court, whether they pose any abnormal flight risk, as well as to whether they are a danger to themselves or to anyone else.

Posting Bond in DUI Cases

Bonds can be posted in a number of ways. One way is to simply pay the amount of the bond in cash to the magistrate. Another way is by pledging property which is the equivalent or greater value of the bond amount.

The most common way that bond is posted is by a bail bondsman posting the money in exchange for the defendant paying a fee for that service.

Jail Release Documents

Upon release from jail, an individual should have in hand any warrants that they were served with, the results of any tests that they were given, such as a blood alcohol DUI test, as well as papers reflecting any bond that they have been required to post, or if they have not been required to post bond, then a recognizance. These documents will tell the individual not only what their charges are, but also when they are next required to appear in court.

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