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Forgery is when an individual signs their name or creates a document or writing of any kind and represent it to be legitimate when it is not. Contact a Manassas fraud lawyer if you are being investigated or charged with forgery because there can be significant penalties including active jail time, fines, and other long-term repercussions for conviction of these types of cases. An experienced Manassas forgery attorney can assist in building a strong defense and guiding you through the legal process.

Common Charges

The most common fraud charges involving forgery are check forgery and credit card forgery. These involve signing or creating documents that are fakes.

There are other kinds of forgery which can involve forging a government document such as DMV records or even registration materials. Any time there’s a situation where an individual creates a document and it is not really coming from the original source, there’s potentially a forgery charge involved and a Manassas forgery attorney should be consulted.


Penalties for forgery can include jail or prison time, as well as significant fines. In cases where there is a loss of money of $200 or more, the forgery charge will be treated as a felony and this can additionally result in the loss of an individual’s civil rights as well as their right to own or possess a firearm in Virginia.

Essential Evidence

The most important piece of evidence in a forgery case is going to be whatever document was actually forged. The question at trial is going to be whether the accused actually forged the document and whether the government can prove that it is, in fact, the forgery. These are the most important things for determining how to defend the case and for whether the government is going to be able to meet its burden.

Benefit of a Manassas Forgery Lawyer

Having a Manassas forgery lawyer by your side is beneficial in a number of ways.  The first is that the lawyer is going to be able to guide you through the entire process from what happens after an arrest, how to prepare for your case, what the various hearings are and what they mean, and all the way up through defending the client at trial and even at sentencing.

The other thing that a lawyer is going to help you do in a forgery case is to bring to bear the very specific kinds of evidence and the very specific kinds of legal arguments and tactics that are used in these kinds of cases.

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