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Manassas Armed Robbery Charges

An armed robbery refers to any robbery accomplished through the use of a weapon, including a firearm. There is not a separate charge for armed robbery in Virginia. However, it is handled by charging the defendant not only with robbery but also with a separate offense, which is also very serious, of the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. An attorney could attempt to mitigate the severity of the charges you face, by potentially negotiating it down to simple robbery. If you face Manassas armed robbery charges, consult a capable armed robbery attorney that could build your case.

Negotiating Armed Robbery Down to Robbery

Robbery is a very serious charge that can carry a life sentence. Committing that felony through the use of a firearm triggers the charge of committing a felony through the use of a firearm. The consequences of those two things together can be much more severe.

The primary way that an attorney can negotiate that charge to a simple robbery would be if there is a weakness in the government’s case in terms of proving the use of a weapon. Any time that an attorney can find the weakness in the government’s case to give some anxiety that they may not be able to prove the charge, it is going to make it more likely that they are going to be able to negotiate for reduction. In some cases, mitigation can be done in advance by the defendant to make it more likely that a reduction can be bargained for, as well.

Common Ways Robbery Offenses are Charged

Manassas armed robbery charges are often charged through the one robbery statute in Virginia. The person is going to be charged under the robbery statute if the police have probable cause to believe that a robbery has been committed. There are a number of different factual scenarios which might give rise to a robbery charge, but each would result in the same type of charge.

Robbery is going to be charged for factual scenarios that involve someone taking money or other goods by violence from either a store or a person. That is one of the more common ones. Another common one is that a person is robbed on the street. There are an unlimited number of factual scenarios that can support a robbery charge if it meets the elements of the crime as defined under Virginia law.

Value of Experience

Another one of the benefits of a Manassas armed robbery lawyer is their experience. The more experience an attorney has the better able they are going to anticipate what is going to happen in the case. No two cases are alike, so the more experience the better.

If an attorney has tried a number of cases of this nature, they are going to have a better chance assisting the defendant in developing the best offenses, knowing what the best tactics are going to be, and knowing the best arguments and the best approaches to give them success in their case.

Leveraging Experience Against the Prosecution

When a person is up against an experienced prosecutor, any advantage that they can get is going to be helpful. To leverage experience against the prosecutor, the person may want an attorney who can catch the prosecution off guard and anticipate and attack the tactics that they might use.

Consequences of Armed Robbery

The consequences of Manassas armed robbery charges include the penalties for the robbery charge, which are up to life in prison. When a person has the two charges of robbery and use of a weapon or a firearm in the commission of a felony, the person is looking at an even more serious scenario under Virginia sentencing guidelines. For a first offense, there is a mandatory three-year prison sentence for the weapons charge alone.

Contacting a Manassas Armed Robbery Attorney

A skilled armed robbery attorney could be an invaluable asset if you have been charged with an armed robbery offense. There are certain things that you can do to strengthen your case. One of the things you should do before contacting a lawyer about Manassas armed robbery charges is  making sure that you have certain documents with you. It is important to have all of the documents you received, including any charging documents, evidence, or witness statements which may assist you in defending your case.

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